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Re: TAU Coin Wohooo! Congratulations on this one and the future prospects as well. 
October 17, 2018, 01:30:00 AM
Re: Self introduction- imorpheus I personally thank you not only for this introduction for the concepts (along with the team ) this coins has. The future belongs to us now.  Will be awaiting for more updates even after vision is complete.
October 17, 2018, 11:46:18 PM
Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months
Summary: an experimental fast, fair and secure crypto currency without inflation
Breakthrough ideas
- proof of transaction
- permission-less mobile mining network
- adjustable block numbers to speed up
- minority rebellion from 51% power censorship attack
Innovative ideas - “on-chain” mining club and rewarding, delegation, epochs
Community service - TAUX, faucet and bounty, Tau Capital for startup

Detail The plan for next 12 months is bold and intensive in following areas.
- Accumulated transaction fees within certain time in a mining club will determine the probability of the club leader to generate next block, and prevent spam.
- Mining has to be permission-less and low computing power for mobile device. It shall not encourage hardware arms race or asset hoarding.
- Past research shows that the block time delay is required by “handing over” generation right to others include decision and communication. Under consensus, TAU shall achieve scaling by permitting the same generator to produce “multiple blocks” when high transaction volume happening.
- 51% attack to perform censorship and double-spending is considered unavoidable on block chain. However, through rotating a number of epochs, each epoch consists certain number of blocks. Limitting one generator in its epoch and prohibit the same generator to produce blocks in upcoming epochs, from rotating perspective, the 51% power is not able to censorship the network. Double spending problem is contained as well.

Along with above key ideas, Tau enacts onchain mining club and efficient “club wiring” to reward massive club members after every check-point on public ledger to avoid leader corruption. If not mining by themselves, members shall delegate mining effort to club leader. The multiple epoch idea allows low power mining club to have higher chances to generate blocks, because high power clubs contained in previous winning epochs. The more epochs for rotating, the low entry barrier to win blocks and higher security for the network.
To increase community satisfaction, we will operate Tau exchange (TAUX), an automatic swap of TAU and BTC investment pools four times a day. TAU capital will invest TAU app entrepreneurs.
To achieve pervasiveness, TAU faucet and bounty program will last multiple years to give non-coiners basic TAU to begin with crypto currency experience, until we used up 82% reserve.

We invite you to debate above points. The bounty reward is 10M tau and waiting for you to take.
On-going white paper is https://www.taucoin.io/whitePaper/TAU%20White%20Paper%20v0.4.pdf

Debate Bounty Mechanics;
- Winners will be determined WEEKLY thru voting.
- We encourage the criticism. (Pointing out the flaws, followed by making a suggestion or proposed solution)
- The team will choose the up to 5 qualified participants weekly.
- The chosen 5 will be subject to voting system.
- Winners will be evaluated into three (3) voting category
  33.33% for the Twitter
  33.33% for the Telegram
  33.333% for the Discord
- Voting will last for 24hours only. (No extension)
- There will be three (3) winners, 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively.
- Reward will be as follows;
  1st Prize; 100,000 TAU
  2nd Prize; 60,000 TAU
  3rd Prize; 40,000 TAU
- Winners will be posted in TAU Telegram and Discord channel https://discordapp.com/invite/ydhx3um

Can I use this thread for the bounty?

October 22, 2018, 03:32:54 PM
Re: I am the new girl Welcome on board. be ready with your ideas and talents. We need more of them here.
November 19, 2018, 04:27:34 PM
Re: A Self Introduction - Kriptolab Hello bro. Glad to see you here. I can see that your'e participating on the bounty through the threads here. I'll follow your paths and earn more taucoins. :D Welcome my friend. You should have read my introduction by now.. hehehe We  need all heads to make this new coin as the best in the market..

Welcome on board. Waiting to see more updates and intersting ideas from you bro,. :D

November 19, 2018, 04:39:06 PM
Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months The thing is, TAUcoin should deliver what BTC has not and probably cannot. A totally decentralized  and permission-less mining will really empower every owner of the coin. If everyone can  mine, I think tx fee will not prevail as the main concern. We are currently among the devs and founders who are truly doing favor for all crypto enthusiasts.
November 28, 2018, 07:22:09 AM
Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months
we realize more and more "decentralizing" is the key in the blockchain and crypto through recent market move. therefore, we need to make mobile mining upmost importance.
To make each miner best user experiences and allow every phone be able to mine, I will propose to dev to reduce block size to 1kb per minute to make really light on mobile ming. that you do not have to worry bandwidth data.
during the same time, we will change web wallet to fee less fast payment platform.
with super decentrazlizing on the mainnet, and fast speed on centralized web wallet, we make "decetral- consensus-scaling" triangle balanced.
1KB/minute is bold move, we can expect community to fork out to high block size in the future if truly needed. I believe there are enough drivers to fork up to high block size. Now we need to make decentralized technology work first, which is largely missing in the industry.

TX fee will surely get high from 0.01-1 TAUcoin per transaction. :D I like this idea. Miners will be flooding the system.. :D

By the way, what do we mean by the "key"? Is there something yet that other crypto has not accomplished that only TAUcoin can? aside from being an experimental POT, can it deliver strength to the highly volatile environment of crypto space? If not, then to what extent are we that different than others?

December 06, 2018, 11:23:24 AM
TAUWORK TEAMS Hey guys, We'll start creating teams for TAUWORK specialty. We'll be rounding up people of the same services offered and group them together for information (how to contact you and for client verification purposes) and for the standard price of services. We will spreading TAUWORK in other forums as to encourage other crypto-enthusiast to visit our site and forum as well.  For that we need to have a dedicated team of service providers. I know this will succeed because we have a lot potentials and skills waiting to be delivered. We might grow slow at the beginning but we should focus more on the quality of services we will be bringing our clients in the future.

As of now we will be taking/promoting services from people who have been seen active both in the forum and telegram and discord like Kryptolab, Orko, alireza and iMorpheus' "promote your project" OFFERs.

Three teams will be initially created: for, TRANSLATION, DESIGN and MARKETING.
If you have the skills to join in any of these groups, kindly follow this thread for instructions and if you have skills not under the above-mentioned category, kindly comment them as well so we could group them together.

Again, I will repeat. We will be promoting OUR SERVICES, TAUWork, in other forums so we have to be professional about this.   ;)

For interested individuals, please comment with the following information:

Forum Name:
Discord Username:
Telegram Userame:
Twitter Profile link:
Skills to Offer: (Be specific)
Tau wallet address:

Sample below

Forum Name:          zityx23
Discord Username:      Troy#0370
Telegram Username:      @Trojan2131   
Twitter Profile link:      https://twitter.com/VictorDenia
Desired Team:           TRANSLATION and MARKETING
Skills to Offer:               English to Filipino Translation of any documents / Social Media Manager
Tau wallet address:      TGC35kvzgYdZHAckX3JaXQQSrwhj231KMe

Pls be reminded that fake accounts will not be accepted. It might result to a total rejection of acceptance into the group.

See yah.

March 18, 2019, 04:53:30 PM
MEDIUM ARTICLE 03/07/2019 Proof of Transaction favours more miners Proof of Transaction favours more miners than any other consensus

n a blockchain consensus design, the permission-less participation of miners, or verifiers, is a key quality of the decentralization. Like doing anything, there is an entry barrier to become miners. In proof of work, one has to buy equipments to compete on hashing power. This normally causes exponential growth on the cost of the mining. We have seen this happenning in real. In proof of stake, one has to be owning a meaningful amount of coins to compete. If you are poor in coins, you can not be a verifier or miner.

Proof of Transactions provides a whole new permission-less gateway for people to become miners and allow each wallet to mine as full node. As long as you has made transactions in the history and your address holding coins more than average historical block transaction fee, that is normally very low, you are allowed to be miner. The reason for holding minimum address balances is to prevent malicious sybil attack and massive private key release.

This design allows as many as technically possible for people able to become miners and create incentive to work as a full node to facilitate transactions all over the world, when network connection is avaible and owning a smart phone.

I would argue all current blockchain consensuses are heading to less and less miners. This is not a good trend for a decentralization currency revolution. Proof of transactions offers a hope to allow everyone be able to mine disregard your hardware power or coins holding amount. TAUcoin as first implementation of proof of transaction has recruited 200,000 users. By design they are all be able to mine at full node capacity.



March 25, 2019, 04:36:51 AM