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A Self Introduction - Kriptolab My name is Godfrey Banzi (Kriptolab), I completed BSc. With Education (Sc) from Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro-Tanzania. Am a Blockchain Technology Enthusiast. I personally play as a Crypto Market/Investment consultant.

Am exited to meet with the new technological innovation: TAUCoin running under a very new Proof of Transaction consensus mechanism. Feel proud to be part of early adopters.

Am behind supporting Taucoin project, take the lead and Keep the good work Devs and the whole team

October 17, 2018, 05:03:10 AM

Kwa Mara ya kwanza Leo tarehe 18 Oct., Solo LA sarafu ya Kidigitali ya TAU limefunguliwa, lakini haikuweza kufanya vyema sababu ya hitilafu za miamala. The Idadi ya sarafu za TAU kwenye kiunga zilionekana ni 17m, ambayo imeonekana kuwa na makosa na kuzidishwa mara 20–100 zaidi.

Tumeamua kusitisha  Miamala ya awamu ya 1, na kurejesha sarafu zote (BTC na TAU) Kwenye akaunti za wateja za kwenye soko. Timu yetu inarekebisha hitilafu ilojitokeza. Ili soko la TAU liweze kufanya kazi kwa usahihi, tumepanga kulifungua tena tarehe 22 mwezi huu. Sarafu zetu zote ( BTC na TAU) zipo salama chini ya uangalizi wangu (iMorpheus-CEO). Soko litakapofunguliwa yena, waweza kuamua kuwekeza tena ama kutoa sarafu zako sokoni.

Kwa heshima kubwa ninaomba radhi kwa makosa na usumbufu uliojitokeza, asanteni kwa kunielewa endeleni kutuubga mkono.


➡️ https://medium.com/@davidwu_30530/tau-x-bug-explain-926513a61b12

✳️✳️Je, Unahitaji zaidi sarafuza TAU???✳️✳️

Tunaileta kwenu "BIG ROCKET BOUNTY" kwa ajili ya kuikuza sayari yetu ya TAU.

Hizi hapa niljia 3 rahisi za we we kuweza kujipatia TAUcoin za bure "Consensus debate and research / Developer bounty / Startup bounty"

➡️ Kwa maelezo zaidi, fungua tuvuti ifuatayo:



START-UP BOUNTY in Discord ; https://discord.gg/V37a9Kh

 Makundi mbalimbali ya TAU Kimataifa

Hingera kwa makundi ya   Indonesia and Bangladesh kwa kufikisha idadi ya watu 500, wote wameahapatiza tuzo zao 100K TAU

Na kundi lolote litakalofikisha idadi ya watu 500 wataweza kupatiwa tuzo yao wakati wowote.

TAU Pakistan:        https://t.me/TAU_Pakistan
TAU Banlgladesh:  https://t.me/TAUcoin_BD
TAU Indonesia:       https://t.me/TAUcoin_IDN
TAU Philippines:     https://t.me/TAUcoin_PH
TAU Russia:             https://t.me/taucoin_ru
TAU Tanzania:        https://t.me/tauforall
TAU Italy:                 http://t.me/tauitalia
TAU China:              https://t.me/TAUchinese
TAU Iran:                 https://t.me/Taucoin_IR
TAU Nigeria:       https://t.me/TAUcoinNigeria
TAU India:               https://t.me/TAUcoin_IND
TAU S.Africa:         https://t.me/TauCoinsouthAfrica

October 18, 2018, 10:53:26 AM
Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months Requirements for the dApps that would be built on TAU Blockchain (Consider also for Tau Mobile Mining App)

Support For Majority Users
It should be powerful enough so that, millions of users can freely utilise it. This is especially true for DAPPs that are looking for mainstream acceptance.

Free of Charge
The platform should enable the devs to create dapps which are free to use for their users. No user should have to pay the platform to gain the benefits of a dapp. I notices something great and different from TAU Coin management, via developer and startup bounties, developers are paid and so they harmoniously work hand in hand with the team to built TAU and make it unique. This is appreciated. 

Easily Upgradable
The platform should limitless give freedom to developers to upgrade the dApp when its required. Also, if some bug does affect the dApps, the devs should be able to fix while the platform remains unaffected. It should not appear to shut down the activities, this will affect users and can lead into less trust to the platforms.

Smooth running ( With Low Latency)
The smooth running of a platform is very important aspect of project. TAU dApps should run as smoothly as possible and with the lowest possible latency..
In order to save time,  TAU platform should allow their dApps to be processed parallelly in order to distribute the workload. However, not all the functions on a blockchain should be done that way. Think of transaction execution itself. Multiple transactions canít be executed in parallel; it needs to be done one at a time to avoid errors like double spends

Some, if not all of the above recommendations, therefore, should be sorted and worked upon developing TAUX, they would help to provide more scalability and prospers in that direction. Enough testing also is vital prior to the launch and use, so that to be sure on smooth running of the service.

October 23, 2018, 09:20:26 AM
Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months
Yes, we should focus debate here. TAU starts off a community coin. Now with clear dev plan to developer POT main net on full mobile prior to feb 1st. during the meantime, we will not do too much on valuation and exchange, just let it flow and enjoy the season.

As stated before, mining is very important function when speaking about Proof of transaction. The more miners in the network, the more secure the network become. With the dev focus, the following may be put into consideration regarding the permissions less Mobile mining under POT.

Tau App mobile Miner
Should be developed with built in miner, completely configured, easily and ready to mine with a click of a button.

Earning TAU can be achieved through,
verify transactions and by the time spent on the network with the miner activated so that to be rewarded. If possible, let the miner app work in background while free continues using mobile device. (But am not so such encouraging the use of time spent to reward miners to avoid time manipulators, otherwise the team would look onto this).

Internet connection is required to connect with the mining network, send  and receive TAU transactions. (Monitoring indicator icons should be built in).

Sending and receiving TAU Coins transactions in a fast, fair and secure p2p network should be allowed between Android and iOS (all mobile OS).

The application should be designed to function seamlessly with user's device usage. Extensive beta and alpha testing should be undertaken to ensure the Mining app doesn't disrupt phone behaviour and functionality.

On the bases of standard user behaviour, both data plan and Wi-Fi be combined in the long run to preveng drastic data usage.

Partnership with mobile manufacturing companies/providers should also be put in focus to start negotiations in pre-loading of the TAU mobile app on smartphones to drive acquisition.

October 25, 2018, 07:15:52 AM
Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months
How if make some game dice coin using tau coin.when tau hasbeen list at market.maybe it will make taucoin be popular and introduce for many people
That's awesome, I won't wait for it, go for it, yes in fact, iMorpheus promised that the first app will be shown on the website, and it will receive more bounty reward, so I personally encourage you go ahead of this very best dream, plan it, make it simple, an we can have the first game based on Taucoin, that's very possible my friend, make the dream come true mate

October 26, 2018, 03:42:40 PM
Re: A Self Introduction - Kriptolab Thanks nonconformist, its nice to know each other, as we know each other, we come closer, and together we can easily support Taucoin
October 29, 2018, 04:40:33 AM
Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months In my findings I found a coin named Phoneum (true mobile-only cryptocurrency and mining solution) that's how it's entitled, but they are still weak because they use a combination of Proof of work (POW) and Proof of Time (POT).

To them, the more miners on the network, the higher the hashrate and mining difficulty, of course this is normal for any POW users, hence we as proof of transaction, we don't want this. Also there is so called Proof of Time, to them, the more time you spend online, the more you get rewarded, but still a problem because users are automatically excluded from mining the devices are overheated, its also a drawback that we Proof Of Transaction does not encourage excluding miners as they are important part in the ecosystem.

Further more, I even communicated to team and they say "Android runs a modified version java version", but in a closer look, I read their whole white paper seem not to mention anything with regard of full java version inclusion on there mobile mining.

Again, I even installed their mining app (Phoneum Go, anyone can check it just for learning purposes), its truelly mining when you stay online, but one major challenge is, when the mining app shut down due to device overheat, when you restart it, no previously mined record s kept, seems are arased (hahahaaa).......... I also find another called MobileCoin, but seems not to have any information regarding the use of full java version on their mobile mining activities.

All here are limitations in which we can still say no any one who managed to fully implement java version in mobile mining, I hope TAU Coin will stand out and take the lead.

November 02, 2018, 02:11:13 PM
Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months
Let me explain more on long range attack. Hackers with initial high number of coins, such as foundation or founders, can start from very beginning of blockchain to rebuild the entire chain using high stack (in POS) or high transaction records (in POT). POW does not have this problem, because of the rebuild entire chain require spend energy twice. Checkpoint is a consensus proposal that once chain grows cerain length, it is considered finality, no one can change anything, unless it is an complete hard fork which require new sets of miners to follow. I believe checkpoint needs to be implemented in tau.
Another idea to discuss today, shall we make time window to be entire history rather than one year.
Entire history with checkpoint will make 51% attack very hard to acheive. Assume tau chain has run one year, 51% attack hackers need to run one year as well to form 51%. If we make it entire history, the longer the chain grow, the harder it is.  Love to know your ideas.
It’s not ppssible to tell if an individual address or transaction is ether valid, belongs to an attacker, or is part of a chain. To handle this, now, checkpoint technology have been invented.

Conceptually, checkpoints are hard coded into the typical client. Tthis typical client will accept all transactions and report to the checkpoint as true/valid and irreversible. If anyone tries to fork the blockchain starting from a block before the checkpoint, the client will not accept the fork. This makes those blocks "set in stone".

I appreciate your ideas iMorpheus , implementing this technology is very needful for security purpose

November 09, 2018, 11:51:56 AM
Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months
... continue the transaction spam discussion...
in email work, spam is popular because of the cost of sending email is close to zero. in TAU network, the cost of spam transaction is not cost zero, that require transaction fee satisfying miners. making lots of transaction increasing mining power is viewed as action to invest into tau future.
what is your idea?
From transaction point of view, spam/spevulative transactions are always more costly to the spammer than not spamming, this is because it will force him to pay fee for every transaction he will attempt to make. Someone who is intentionally spamming the network will have to burn TAUcoins constantly to do so, and so will eventually be forced to stop. This is god invention from Proof of Transaction hence, the perfect preventive measure gains for-profits as well as for-control (as stated from the wp)

November 13, 2018, 11:10:25 AM
Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months Quote from iMorpheus (BTT)
"so why not just using smart contract in side chain? shall tau main net settlement layer support smart contract at all? UTXO is not able to support Turing complete smart contract. TAU is using utxo now."


But the TAU white paper v0.4 state that

"In the development of TAU, we faced a choice
between UTXO and account based model. The
former is better for privacy and data compression. The latter is simpler and more efficient in some application, including. TAUís club wiring reward transaction. We decided to use an address based
model with balance. It is an approach that keeps
privacy and conveniently supports club wiring
transactions. The burden of calculation and record keeping shifts to the full nodes, which we believe is
small. However, a better solution is possible, which lowers requirement for a full node."

My concerns:
📌 we need to stick or change the white paper to suit the need of the business model that might be in action.
📌 smart contracts have their flaws and thanks that's my fellow debaters have pinpointed them out. Of-course, researchers discovered several smart contract vulnerabilities which put millions of dollars at risk. This is worrisome news, although there is a positive side to it as well.
📌 we used to do some daily quizzes earlier, one of the question was  "Which is the TAUís accounting model used?"[b[/] And the Answer was "TAU uses address based model with balance." Here now the question comes, should we forget this because we removed clubs on mining? Or the other way round but am not getting it. If we removed this model then am still not clear which model does TAU now using
📌if we are now using UTOX while the WP state the "address based
model with balance"
am a bit confused may be I need more help to understand this.

November 16, 2018, 02:04:16 PM
Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months
The main thing block size does is to prevent denial of service attacks on the network. To start with 10kb block size is a unique idea and real decentralization but I think it comes with higher translation fee and slows down the network as it grows that is why the best option be to implement is the "dynamic Block size" which implies that the block size limit changes by itself and is dependent on the transaction volume at any given time. It is well known that transactions will grow often, A blockchain-based network that uses a dynamic block size limit has an advantage of being less prone to a slowdown in its network and the transaction fee correponds with the growth and the growth calls for real scalability for future purposes if it's truly an alternative to what we already have in the world of crypto currency.
To understand this, consider a real example in a TAU blockchain with 10kb blocks every 1 minute. In order for nodes on the network to stay in sync with the chain, they will need to download and verify the validity of 10kb worth of blockdata every 1 min. Any nodes which cannot do this, will decrease the 'effective throughput' of the network (network efficiency), of which we don't expect this to happen from POT.

So now, consider what happens if you decrease the block interval to 1second. Suddenly, more (lots) of nodes that could download and process that data within 1 min will no longer be able to keep up with the rest of the network, since they now only have 1 second to do the same. Thus, our 'effective throughput' has decreased, since a much smaller percent of nodes will be able to engage and contribute to the network. But TAU devs aim at full nodes functioning.

This his I got the concept behind decreasing the block size. Any ideas? I hope for further debate on this

November 21, 2018, 07:10:35 PM
Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months
10kb per minute on settlement layer is new but good for decentralization. The triangle, "decentralizing, security and scale", we would choose first two and trade off scaling. the future world in my imaging will be major application such as search engine, social and commerce running on dPOS semi-decentral consensus to gain scaling. TAU could use side-chain to settle with dPOS tokens to gain speed and other features. 10KB per minute is possible to gain millions of miners to join. so does crypto currency need millions of miner to protect it? or just less than 100 miners can hold the trust of the world?
I agree with the new TAU tech on the settlement layer.....also the side-chain is important to be utilised as per dPOS proved good to get attached and utilize our blockchain due to its efficiency in terms of decentralization....

Again comes a question-----if we have smaller and fixed block size of 10kb, what will be the effects when dPOS tokens using our blockchain (side-chain)  have larger block size? Say it like 1mb-10mb size of their block or more

To the miners, only few can be important, doesn't need such a huge/big number of miners, taking an example, in a Bitcoin network, there are 200k miners ( considering the slushpool) and are threatening the network.......targeting more miners like 1M is important for more network security but even less than that can suffice the need.

November 21, 2018, 07:19:15 PM
Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months
dPOS can do huge blocks in short time, that is why they are better for dAPP to operate. settlement layer require decentralized participation, tau is more focus on the "decentralized" part of the tri-angle. DPoS is on scale and consensus with a bit decentralized. it is complicated to debate how many miners are enough, i do not know either, how many TV channels do we really need? 8, 100 or a million?
😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 let's have a target of having 1MM TV channels (users/miners) 😂😭😂😭😂😭, as we add more channels, we will evaluate how secure our network is and can have a decision to go more, or make any adjustment----POT

⚙⚙⚙ But devs should not forget this: high tx rates matters, which means TAU #Blockchain should be prepared to handle large amounts of transactions and in a fast but secured manner ---- POT⚙⚙⚙

We are going to meet with huge mass adoption as more people will need to focus and utilize the new technology----POT

November 22, 2018, 03:30:00 PM
Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months
quote: While he (BM) only gave people some vague information about how this new hypothetical token would be, he described it as something that would be immutable, limited to the role of being a proper digital currency and non-programmable.

Dan Larimer finally decided to do a currency rather than a global computer. that is why learned $4B paid by the community. Tau is targeting to be currency only from day one. i am glad we are on right track.
Now POW is volatile, POS-eth might never come out, dPOS is consider not a blockchain, POT is one the way to the future...
Among other things, dPOS bigest limitation is that,  sufficient decentralization can never be achieved due to the failure to take into account the scalability of the network as a trade-off. (Consider EOS, ADA, NANO, Lisk ........)

A purely decentralized currency should be immune to inflation or deflation. It should also be a real-world demonstration of blockchain technology, fueling further development of decentralized applications, serving as a stabilizing agent and an alternative.

POT in which Taucoin Ecosystem is bound, with its decentralised nature should show a read Blockchain to leverage the technology.

December 03, 2018, 08:21:04 AM
Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months
I think the world is over-using blockchain function to support too many application concept. the layoff of steemit shows that it is not ready for big platform. the current global peer to peer internet speed is only good enough for simple currency just like a modem 20 years ago only good for email. with 5G become pervasive, p2p telecom can achieve much higher speed and even lower cost of computing and storage, then mored app functions can be added to blockchain. right now, stretching the permission less block chain capability to too many area is pre-mature.
1969s was the first time the Internet came online. However, it took several years (say 50yrs) before people could totally accept it and transfer digital properties and values to other users over the internet in a safe, secure, and trustless manner.

Blockchain is born about  the past 10 years ago, cryptocurrency is about $213B in marketcap, when we compare other markets' cap (Gold market cap, stock market, real estate, global debt, U.S national debt ...) They count from 7.8T - 247T caps (source: Twitter - @Blockchainlife), this really shows how premature blockchain is, but with time and continued mass adoption it will reach its maturity stage and all early adopters will enjoy its fates.

Many areas are understanding technological advancements and many people would have to look on new technologies and innovations.

POT is one of the new Blockchain innovative  consensus protocol that would bring more attention in the near future, with the current TAU stats its apparent that will have a sound and good future. And for it to stand out the devs process need be strong, innovative and  focused. With the prematurity nature of the Blockchain we need people (you & me) to take it to the next and more appreciated levels.

December 04, 2018, 07:08:31 AM
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March 07, 2019, 02:35:57 PM
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