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Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months
I love the feedback on keeping us focused and simple as basic coin settlement layer.

A key decision is made and very bold. "reduce the block size to 10kb" aims to support massive decentralized mobile nodes mining.
Peer to peer communication among millions of mobile devices require smaller block size. This is to increase data availability, resulting to provide high security. we believe security is upmost importance, given the recent BCH 51% attack show. We adjust our spirit to "light and secure". this puts us in a very unique position comparing to other coins increasing block size, which will cause centralization, due to less nodes have full capture of blocks on time. The reason for 10kb is average ethereum block is 50kb. As an experimental currency, we want to start with high security, 10kb makes us look not sexy, but 10kb blocks size in a pure mobile environment is very cool.
what is your feedback?
The main thing block size does is to prevent denial of service attacks on the network. To start with 10kb block size is a unique idea and real decentralization but I think it comes with higher translation fee and slows down the network as it grows that is why the best option be to implement is the "dynamic Block size" which implies that the block size limit changes by itself and is dependent on the transaction volume at any given time. It is well known that transactions will grow often, A blockchain-based network that uses a dynamic block size limit has an advantage of being less prone to a slowdown in its network and the transaction fee correponds with the growth and the growth calls for real scalability for future purposes if it's truly an alternative to what we already have in the world of crypto currency.

November 20, 2018, 08:08:17 AM
Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months
That cold be true. That's why I suggested something above to counter the said predictions. We should have many start-ups and less coins for exchange to reduce price manipulation. No matter how many coins someone can mine and proceed with dumping it for the benefit of the price, wont have high effect on its dump.
I seem not to understand your point here but my take on the effect of decentralized mining is that it will make the price low on daily basis. There are so many people out there who will prefer to mine and dump as soon as a reasonable amount of tau is mined whereas it makes people reluctant to buy and price only go up when there is huge demand with less supply. In the case of Taucoin huge supply is what we have.I strongly believe I'm still not getting all the facts about how the mining would make Tau have good value in the market and I wish to get a detailed analysis.

November 29, 2018, 10:20:01 AM
Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months
I think the world is over-using blockchain function to support too many application concept. the layoff of steemit shows that it is not ready for big platform. the current global peer to peer internet speed is only good enough for simple currency just like a modem 20 years ago only good for email. with 5G become pervasive, p2p telecom can achieve much higher speed and even lower cost of computing and storage, then mored app functions can be added to blockchain. right now, stretching the permission less block chain capability to too many area is pre-mature.
Yes absolutely. Blockchain is being misused but not over-used, I will say the reason for this is because it is misunderstood, but the most obvious is individuals or group of people who created a blockchain for personal interest of making them big. Irrespective of where a blockchain is used instead of a database, it always offers more efficiency, less fraud and security. It can be unnecessary when there is no middle man, because having a middle man sometimes pave way for fraud, inefficiencies and make it less reliable.

December 04, 2018, 08:29:45 AM
Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months I've seen and invested in coin that are POS and the lowest transaction fee on any of them is 0.1... I will use XQR as a persfect example of high transaction fee rate despite not having any significant usage or new invention. With mobile mining for everyone a 0.1 trx fee is not a bad idea I think. It makes it more valuable I can presume.
December 07, 2018, 03:39:48 PM