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Re: [Airdrop]💰 Wadax Airdrop organized by Taucoin foundation💰 TEYMph2K45uJ77Pkp28rWaSc9FUzVLvzFw
April 04, 2019, 06:52:46 PM
Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months I think for the TAUT problem we need clarity about how the project will work just like TAU will come forward.
1.TAUT must have a unique product besides PC mining and it is attracted by many people.
2. The Chairperson of the TAUT (GOODLIFE) needs his own team to develop the Project, it's OK to ask for help from the TAU Team but I think it would be better to have the Team itself so it doesn't overload the team from TAU
3. What do people buy TAUT for? is it because they bought TAUT to only get TAU? I don't think it's good if it's just like that, TAUT must have its own uniqueness. But I don't think PC mining is too great, so try making an interesting product for TAUT besides PC Mining.
4. But when it comes to exchanging about TAUT trying to get into dex binance, I'm a bit hesitant, why is that? coins whose products are not ready to compete in the market will not last a lot of coins in the market, there are those who pay to enter a large exchange but what happens? Are their prices immediately soaring? no, the TAUT is not ready for listing in the large exchange of products still needs to be developed, the focus of developing the product first is to enter a big exchange.

April 22, 2019, 05:22:02 AM