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TAUcoin Peer-to-Peer Escrow [℅TAU_Planet]

Welcome to TAU_Planet Escrow group which provide fair, secure and free Escrow services to all TAU Buy/Sell deals.

Only ask or bid for any deal you want under this channel--> https://t.me/TAU_Planet

To buy/sell Taucoin you need to read and follow the procedures:

#If you are a seller, make a post/reply in our telegram channel according to the following format.

Code: [Select]

  -currency want to sell/escrow:

  -The amount:
  -The rate in usd:

#If you are a buyer of taucoin, make a post/reply in our telegram channel according to the following format.

Code: [Select]

  -currency want to buy/escrow:

  -The amount:
  -The rate in usd:

📌 First 100 Escrow deals will be free of charges,

📌Make all deals under admins Escrow and reply/post in telegram group provided below

📌Have respect with every TAU planet Citizen.

📌Welcome all


At last, Provide feedback here in this thread after a successful escrow.


March 25, 2019, 03:46:02 PM
Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months Cluster will not increase the mining power of transaction numbers, it will increase the stableness and speed of communication. We are not close to that yet. But i see this could be great way leading up to robustness of cellphone mining. it might take 5+ years to develop such thing.
Removing mining club is to reduce concentration, because no one will want to release it private keys. This will keep nodes power smaller.
POT is superior to POS: if you have lots of coins, you want to put into cold wallet, then those coins can not staking to mining, this reduce the total consensus strength. If you have lots of transactions, it has nothing to do with your coins, then you can use those transactions to full mining, that increase the strength of the network. this is how we are superior than POS. this safety feature will put POT clear advantage over POS.
Foundation member will not pump and dump TAUcoins both in p2p and exchange. i will watch that. we shall have many p2p groups and exchanges support Tau.
In terms of dev ability, we are new and learning blockchain. but we are firm and focus on technology. lots of glitches, but we are persistent. I think time will prove this.

March 30, 2019, 04:55:55 PM
Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months Thanks to Cryptozen's feedback. I will address each of your suggestion with dev for content development. For general marketting message, I want to make full mobile mining as primary point. Proof of transaction is hard for normal people to understand, but it is the engine of mobile mining. it will take long time hard learning for people to know that. most people still does not know difference between POS and POW.
I am very confident that we will have mobile mining very soon. then all the content will be organized under mobile mining umbrella.
I am fully inline of mobile mining is our specialty. the reason for taut is that it is the first pot implementation and almost fully distributed. it is a pity to shut it down. yes, it has mining concentration problem, that i think most of pc based mining like btc, eth, eos, nem are all having this.
I think we will see mobile mining in within 45 days.
Crypto is very well thought on the governance of taut. my point is if taut is a good product, it should grow by itself with or without new team. If taut is not a good project, then no one will care. I am more of a risk taker on pretty much most of things. my goal for taut is that it runs its own. we will see that. satoshi did not say anything on management. i think if pot is deems to be there, it shall have same effect, yes it will take longer time. but that is how to get people engaged, people needs time to think and get conformable with a new consensus. all my confidence is from the nature of POT is better than POW and POS, and more sustainable.
I will rewrite the white paper to cover both under one document.
when we distribute new tau coins, we distribute to the valid address on taut mainnet. so if you have the private key, you will have it. there might be some problem for you moved your coins to exchange, those tau coins will not go to you , it will go to exchange.
I really want to state that TAUT is on its own as first proof of transaction implementation. community will decide its fate. i do not think we need a strong gov body to support taut.
We have not took snapshot to distribute tau, so now taut is tau until mainnet is on. it is a bit confusing, but it will all cleared soon.
as summary, the whole idea of taut seems crazy and random. but you know what, if proof of transaction is a workable protocol, taut is the first one to tell.

April 05, 2019, 10:55:37 PM
Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months the 700m total coins idea seems to be working in taut. i am thinking making tau mainnet 700m too. from past we know what works and what not.
The referral system is really working, we want to rely on that. The technology dev is working too. therefore, i think in 700m, 460m already distributed,  remaining coins. 100m for referral system, 140 for technology dev.
100m referral shall last for long time to get 20m+ people, which is bitcoin has. bonus will reduce from 50,10, 3, 1, 0.1. this good thing is that there is no inflation.
taut will be pc fast wiring.
tau will be mobile and secure wiring.

April 07, 2019, 09:58:45 PM
Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months Dear all, firstly, i want put new road map in vision here.
By end of 2019, the Taucoin mobile mining mainnet will be stable.
By end of 2020, the "global cloud on mobile phones" will be on
By end of 2023, 5 years from Taucoin.io born, we will be the largest computing and app hosting cloud.
By end of 2028, all TAUcoins distributed and become one of the most important crypto coin.
this is the potential of mobile mining on POT. For global cloud, we might have third coin called TAUG, that is like eth gas, each tau get one taug, this will take long time to get there. but TAUG will make global cloud possible, which will need 10b, i guess.
so taut - 700m, pc mining, tau - 1.4b mobile mining, taug - 10b, global cloud
For website design, i agree our site looks very simple and un-designed. we need to make it better. Due to recent hacking, i think taucoin shall be 1.4b to get more coins for global distribution. right now foundation is really tight on coins, we only have 50m for distribution to users.
As a matter for exchange, I always think exchange is the service to community, not where we getting new holders. New users from exchanges will not really hold coins or hold our value. that is why i am not rush to open many exchanges. It confirms to me recent effort on exchanges, it is still our users go there to trade.  I think wadax is a good one to start with, we have alt market.io as back up for now.
In one article, i talked about the utility of TAU is to experiment new crypto technology such as POT, mobile mining and global cloud. this is truly what i believe most important, such as star trek, the USS enterprise is just for exploring. it is important.
Trypto, I agree TAUT has lots to do, and we seems blind betting. The reality is that i think crypto world is decentralized, it is hard to count on one team to make it successful, we need diversity and decentralized management. if one product idea truly good, it will be successful given time. if not good, it does not matter what teams running it. I think Taut on PC is a good enough idea to test out our community.
It is always my pleasure to discuss my most important ideas with you here.

April 13, 2019, 08:21:27 AM