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Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months Dear all, firstly, i want put new road map in vision here.
By end of 2019, the Taucoin mobile mining mainnet will be stable.
By end of 2020, the "global cloud on mobile phones" will be on
By end of 2023, 5 years from Taucoin.io born, we will be the largest computing and app hosting cloud.
By end of 2028, all TAUcoins distributed and become one of the most important crypto coin.
this is the potential of mobile mining on POT. For global cloud, we might have third coin called TAUG, that is like eth gas, each tau get one taug, this will take long time to get there. but TAUG will make global cloud possible, which will need 10b, i guess.
so taut - 700m, pc mining, tau - 1.4b mobile mining, taug - 10b, global cloud
For website design, i agree our site looks very simple and un-designed. we need to make it better. Due to recent hacking, i think taucoin shall be 1.4b to get more coins for global distribution. right now foundation is really tight on coins, we only have 50m for distribution to users.
As a matter for exchange, I always think exchange is the service to community, not where we getting new holders. New users from exchanges will not really hold coins or hold our value. that is why i am not rush to open many exchanges. It confirms to me recent effort on exchanges, it is still our users go there to trade.  I think wadax is a good one to start with, we have alt market.io as back up for now.
In one article, i talked about the utility of TAU is to experiment new crypto technology such as POT, mobile mining and global cloud. this is truly what i believe most important, such as star trek, the USS enterprise is just for exploring. it is important.
Trypto, I agree TAUT has lots to do, and we seems blind betting. The reality is that i think crypto world is decentralized, it is hard to count on one team to make it successful, we need diversity and decentralized management. if one product idea truly good, it will be successful given time. if not good, it does not matter what teams running it. I think Taut on PC is a good enough idea to test out our community.
It is always my pleasure to discuss my most important ideas with you here.

April 13, 2019, 08:21:27 AM
Re: TAUT presidential election voting 2019 What an awesome mark in history.

Good luck to all fellow candidates

April 13, 2019, 11:47:39 AM