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{ANN} "CCN- The World's best Custom Contract Network"

CCN - Global decentralize platform to Solve the Smart Contract Problems

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CCN is a smart contract service provider company which is known for providing best and cost effective solutions for smart contract development and auditing. CCN helps business or industries to move over decentralized platform of blockchain to easily deal with various general issues and challenges.
Our mission is to provide customized, open source and reliable smart contracts based over the protocols of Ethereum to accomplish the need of user with complete security to protect user's Ether, Tokens or Data stored over the smart contract.

The Services of CCN:-

  • Custom Smart Contracts
  • Helper Smart Contract
  • Smart Contract Auditing
  • Bulk token distribution

How Does CCN Work?

We follow the systematic approach to complete our task of development and auditing that help us to
speed up the whole process. Before we start to work over the project, your project goes under various
analyses to ensure best outcome.

  • The process consisted of collecting data and facts by interacting with client and understanding their needs.
  • Our team analyses your requirements and project goal to verify its feasibility to get real outcome..
  • Software Design is prepared with the help of requirements specified.
  • We develop the code using integration process which consists of developing various components in parallel.
  • Developed code is tested against the requirements to make sure that the product is actually solving the needs addressed.
  • Finally, product is delivered / deployed to the customer.

What is CCN Token?

CCN is an open source Ethereum blockchain and ERC-20 protocol based token which can be utilized to
take the services of CCN (Custom Contract Network) and its partner companies. It will be available on
various exchanges for trading and utility purposes.

Token Information:-

  • Token Name : CustomContractNetwork
  • Token Symbol - CCN
  • Total Token Supply - 890,000,000,000
  • Decimal - 18
  • Token Smart Contract Address: 0x17B26400621695c2D8C2D8869f6259E82D7544c4
  • Token Category - ERC-20, Utility Token
  • Primary Markets - ETH & BTC


  • Sept. 2018
           1. Market Analysis & Collection of Raw Materials
           2. Project Assessment
           3. Team Building & Outlining the Project
           4. Collection of Feedbacks and Reviews
           5. Cost Assessment
  • Oct. 2018
           1. Project Development & Allocation Analysis
           2. Website Development
           3. Smart Contract Development &Auditing
           4. Releasing Whitepaper & Supported Materials
           5. Community Building Campaigns
  • Nov. 2018
           1. Applying on Exchanges
           2. Starting Bounty Campaign
           3. Advisory Recruitment
           4. Marketing & Promotional Activities
  • Dec. 2018
           1. Listing on Exchanges
           2. Releasing of MVP & Supported Documents
           3. Events & Partnerships
           4. Hiring Technical Experts
  • Jan. 2019
           1. Business Tours&Ecosystem Growth
           2. Tokens Distribution
           3. R&D
           4. Post Promotion

Contact Us

       1. For General and Corporate Purposes : info@customcontract.network
       2. For Technical Support : support@customcontract.network

January 02, 2019, 04:21:32 AM