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Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months
Let's give TAUT president more time and welcome suggestions.
I am supporting "users" first than "price". In my mind, technology is always the first. Our commitment to community includes 5 things: technology is the number 1.
Africa, Asia, middle east and south america are our key area. I do not think  USD and Euro zone will feel crypto currency is an essential tool. We need to sponsor more telegrams and p2p. 
Foundation primary job is to drive technology and design the budget to make community to run those budget.
The conversion of TAUT to TAU is like you wire your TAUT to an burning account, then you get your coins in TAU main net using the same private key. This will causing further reduction of TAUT coins. so i have to say who ever having taut is very lucky. most of the community probably does not realized it.
Honestly, i fall in love with IPFS. this is exactly what we need for future crypto. i think future crypto system will all run on IPFS. The current IP network is just out dated. However, filecoin does not really use the IPFS to the best. it will be fascinating to see a world running on IPFS, and crypto currency is powering the system operation. i think TAU shall be the first to jump into this new world.
Am one of the offering my supportive and advocacy role for all the plans.

TAUT vs TAU on Mainnet
I thought before was a plan to give every TAUT holder an equivalent amount of TAU. But now I see something g like a coin swap, sending TAUT to a burning account and receive back TAU equivalent amount to the burnt, this is like a swap, so which idea should we go with, receiving equivalent and original amount or we receive the swapped amount?

IPFS Utilization
As I know, IPFS is server based, and TAU has a plan to make a server-less network (ecosystem), now how can you compile the two and bring better yet sound products and services?

May 06, 2019, 10:51:09 AM