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Taut experiments POT.
Tau experiments Mobile mining POT.
Taug experiments global cloud on mobile mining POT.

POT is really an incredible consensus. And still i can't find any better consensus than POT. Our community members may be can't realize it. Since, it is a new invented consensus, the scope of this consensus can be wide.That's now you also figured out that with POT we may have 3 coins which is very effective for these 3 different fields that you mentioned here. Yes,  those are
Taut experiments POT.
Tau experiments Mobile mining POT.
Taug experiments global cloud on mobile mining POT.

I really welcome these steps. Where others existing coins in the market haven't these all scope. So, people will realize later these decision. Now, they might be mess up with the changing decision of plan or new road map.

I just want to say that bitcoin had no plan or road map but still it is number one in the market. So, compare to bitcoin we have much more than that. There is no doubt that our future is bright.

the 700m total coins idea seems to be working in taut. i am thinking making tau mainnet 700m too. from past we know what works and what not.

7 is always a lucky number. It looks good not as a lucky number but it is really a good supply for both coin. I think 10b coin supply is huge. So, it's a good decision. In bitcoin need to mining huge coin to get block reward and more coins remaining for mining, but in tau miner will get only transaction fee as block reward. That means we won't have any coin remaining to mining, as a result rest 250m coin need to distribute properly to world people transparently.

Proof of transaction is hard for normal people to understand, but it is the engine of mobile mining. it will take long time hard learning for people to know that. most people still does not know difference between POS and POW.

Yes, People still don't know how POT is far more superior than POW and POS. I think time will teach them.

I think we will see mobile mining in within 45 days.

I have already seen the mobile mining code on github. I think it will be possible within a week? I am really interested. Counting the days....

Again thanks for arranging this open debate to make everything transparent to community. Looking forward to see the new president of TAUT.

Presidential Election / Re: Application for 2019 TAUT Presidential Election
« about: April 12, 2019, 04:31:44 AM »
It's a good application for our presidential election. It was a lovely article with an honest response. I hope you could drive TauT very well.

First of all, i want to congratulate tau foundation and team for launching a successful TauT coin which is basically test net coin as well as considering main net for pc mining. and i hope we will get TAU coin mobile mining main net soon.

I have found out some issue for both TauT and TAU coin which are mentioned below:

TauT issue:

- We need a Road Map for TauT as early as possible so that people can know why they should collect TauT.

- We need to do some press conference with some well-known blockchain press media to make acknowledge world people about TauT and its benefit.

- It's good that we are already listed on a new exchange named Wadax. More exchange will be interested to list us if we have a clear road map with TauT.

- I see our miners are supporting us since long time by carrying cost. They are really supportive and trusted guys. I know they have huge mining power and it was worthy to get. But how a new miner will be benefited or will do profitable mining if there is no balance in mining power?

- Also, We need some educational video lesson to spread the light of POT consensus to more people to educate.

TAU issue:

- Taucoin(TAU) mobile mining is the main vision of tau foundation. Our community was waiting for it. But suddenly we have a new TauT coin which may bring doubt to general people that due to delaying on mobile mining, a new TauT coin has come out. Which is totally wrong consideration for general people. But i see they are excited with the new TauT coin. but, on the other hand, they are also thinking of the delay and asking for the clear time frame and update of its possibility for TAU coin mobile mining main net.


Forum ANN / Re: Introducing to TAU Point & Shop!
« about: April 01, 2019, 04:09:18 PM »
Great forum. Like it @Admin

Health / [cancer sign] What Are 18 Signs and Symptoms of Cancer?
« about: March 29, 2019, 09:42:14 PM »
Cancer gives most people no symptoms or signs that exclusively indicate the disease. Unfortunately, every complaint or symptom of cancer can be explained by a harmless condition as well. If certain symptoms occur or persist, however, a doctor should be seen for further evaluation. Some common symptoms that may occur with cancer are as follows:

Persistent cough or blood-tinged saliva
These symptoms usually represent simple infections such as bronchitis or sinusitis.
They could be symptoms of cancer of the lung, head, and neck. Anyone with a nagging cough that lasts more than a month or with blood in the mucus that is coughed up should see a doctor.

A change in bowel habits
Most changes in bowel habits are related to your diet and fluid intake.
Doctors sometimes see pencil-thin stools with colon cancer.
Occasionally, cancer exhibits continuous diarrhea.
Some people with cancer feel as if they need to have a bowel movement and still feel that way after they have had a bowel movement. If any of these abnormal bowel complaints last more than a few days, they require evaluation.
A significant change in bowel habits that cannot be easily explained by dietary changes needs to be evaluated.

Blood in the stool
A doctor always should investigate blood in your stool.
Hemorrhoids frequently cause rectal bleeding, but because hemorrhoids are so common, they may exist with cancer. Therefore, even when you have hemorrhoids, you should have a doctor examine your entire intestinal tract when you have blood in your bowel movements.
With some individuals, X-ray studies may be enough to clarify a diagnosis.
Colonoscopy is usually recommended. Routine colonoscopy, even without symptoms, is recommended once you are 50 years old.
Sometimes when the source of bleeding is entirely clear (for example, recurrent ulcers), these studies may not be needed.

Unexplained anemia (low blood count)
Anemia is a condition in which people have fewer than the expected number of red blood cells in their blood. Anemia should always be investigated.
There are many kinds of anemia, but blood loss almost always causes iron deficiency anemia. Unless there is an obvious source of ongoing blood loss, this anemia needs to be explained.
Many cancers can cause anemia, but bowel cancers most commonly cause iron deficiency anemia. Evaluation should include endoscopy or X-ray studies of your upper and lower intestinal tracts.

Breast lump or breast discharge
Most breast lumps are noncancerous tumors such as fibroadenomas or cysts. But all breast lumps need to be thoroughly investigated.
A negative mammogram result is not usually sufficient to evaluate a breast lump. Your doctor needs to determine the appropriate X-ray study which might include an MRI or an ultrasound of the breast.
Generally, diagnosis requires a needle aspiration or biopsy (a small tissue sample).
Discharge from a breast is common, but some forms of discharge may be signs of cancer. If discharge is bloody or from only one nipple, further evaluation is recommended.
Women are advised to conduct monthly breast self-examinations.

Lumps in the testicles
Most men (90%) with cancer of the testicle have a painless or uncomfortable lump on a testicle.
Some men have an enlarged testicle.
Other conditions, such as infections and swollen veins, can also cause changes in your testicles, but any lump should be evaluated.
Men are advised to conduct monthly testicular self-examinations.

A change in urination
Urinary symptoms can include frequent urination, small amounts of urine, and slow urine flow or a general change in bladder function.
These symptoms can be caused by urinary infections (usually in women) or, in men, by an enlarged prostate gland.

Most men will suffer from harmless prostate enlargement as they age and will often have these urinary symptoms.

These symptoms may also signal prostate cancer.

Men experiencing urinary symptoms need further investigation, possibly including blood tests and a digital rectal exam. The PSA blood test, its indications, and interpretation of results should be discussed with your health care provider.

If cancer is suspected, a biopsy of the prostate may be needed.

Cancer of the bladder and pelvic tumors can also cause irritation of the bladder and urinary frequency.

More Cancer Signs and Symptoms go there--> https://www.emedicinehealth.com/cancer_symptoms/article_em.htm#more_cancer_signs_and_symptoms

A giant miner will mean that this individual has a LARGE self mining power. Just in case you do not know, mining club has been removed already so combining self power or passing it to one address will not work anymore.

Yes, i know that mining club has removed. But if you see a cluster of 10 mobile is forming a full node and a full node validate the transaction faster than a light node or a single miner. So, if you buy 10 mobile phone than start mining it will become a full node and you could validate transactions faster and will have more mining power in your 10 tau address than a single miner.

A single phone miner may have difficulty or take time to form a full node in the network, thus he can mining slowly or less than who are ruining a 10 phone together in one place.

But it is better when we will have such full node to increase the transaction speed.

  Note: I might be wrong but this is what i was thinking. I want to learn more about this from imorpheus.

General Discussion / Re: Welcome to Taucointalk Forum
« about: March 28, 2019, 02:54:57 AM »
the project is very cool guys! This is just one problem ... I donít know English at all and itís hard for me to understand the forum and chat in p2p  :'(

Hi, welcome to taucointalk forum. As you are new member here, it can seems hard to understand and also you have problem to understand English. I suggest you to use google translator. and for your local support, you can visit here https://taucointalk.org/index.php?board=15.0

Also if you want to get taucoin and wan to join in taucoin bounty campaign you can contact with me in telegram @CryptoZenWorld or Message me here. I will help you to create a Russian telegram group for you. I have many friend from Russia.

Health / [Cancer Survivors] 6 Tips for Staying Healthy
« about: March 27, 2019, 02:03:15 PM »
With more than 15.5 million cancer survivors alive today in the US, chances are that you or someone you know has faced cancer.

Each June, cancer survivors celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day, sponsored by the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation. The event, which includes hundreds of life-affirming gatherings across the US, is a time to celebrate life Ė and if you're a cancer survivor, itís also a good time to reflect on what you could be doing to be even healthier.

Whether you're still in treatment or long since finished, be sure youíre doing everything you can to safeguard your health.

1. Achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
Avoid weight gain during cancer treatment, whether you are at a healthy weight or overweight.
If youíre overweight or obese, talk to your health care provider about safely losing weight after you recover from treatment.

2. Be physically active.
Studies show that exercise is generally safe during cancer treatment, and can improve many aspects of health, including muscle strength, balance, fatigue, and depression. Talk to your health care provider about what would work best for you.
Physical activity after diagnosis is linked to living longer and a reduced risk of the cancer returning among people living with breast, colorectal, prostate, and ovarian cancer Ė among other forms of the disease.

3. Eat a healthy diet, with an emphasis on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
The most health benefits are associated with a diet high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, poultry, and fish, and low in refined grains, red meat (beef, pork, and lamb) and processed meat (hot dogs, ham, bacon, sausage, and some deli meats), desserts, high-fat dairy products, and fried foods.
So far, studies have not shown that taking vitamins, herbs, and other nutritional supplements can help cancer patients live longer. Some may even shorten life. Before taking any supplement, discuss it with your health care provider.

4. Get recommended cancer screenings.
Cancer survivors should go to all the follow-up visits their cancer care team recommends, to make sure the cancer hasnít come back.
Survivors can also get other cancers. Unless told otherwise by your health care provider, follow the same testing schedule for your age and gender as the general population.

5. Create a survivorship care plan.
Ask your cancer care team to give you a thorough record of the treatments you had and any follow-up they recommend.
Understand which provider Ė oncologist, primary care doctor, or other specialist Ė should be in charge of cancer-related and other medical care. If you donít know, ask.

6. Take care of your emotional health.
Spend time with family and friends, and doing things you like.
Focus on your spiritual side, whether that means participating in organized religion, communing with nature, meditating, creating art, or whatever speaks to you.

Source: https://www.cancer.org/latest-news/be-a-healthier-cancer-survivor.html

I have a new idea. it is once more phone joins network, we can request 10 phones to forming a cluster to increase our block size and speed. It is like 10 phones become a node, even half of them down, the node still working as server-less node.  cool and interesting idea for scaling up and increase the robustness.

This idea is quite effective for scaling issue. Also will attract the giant miner to take profit from it. So, it will keep the chain active and speed up the transaction.

Another week of strong growth. The p2p trading is growing. This shows our ideas is getting attention.
Yes, this is true. but you have to be more careful about fake p2p escrow group. Because this can make number of buyers down.

Also. it is possible to give a exact time frame about the main net. Because i see you are so close to main net launching and very confident about it.