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The best P2P group! 5 Stars!

TAU P2P Escrow Group Bounty is still up and running! Create your own P2P groups now!

Trustworthy and fast-respond service! BAMM KRIPTO

TAU foundation has noticed a huge rise in TAU P2P trading. To help community in having different platforms to trade TAUcoin, we're now requesting TAU P2P Escrow group leaders to connect both TAU buyer and TAU seller.

TAUcoin P2P Telegram Group Admins
Host your own TAU P2P telegram group, invite TAU lovers into it and keep it active!
Reward: 200K TAU/Month for groups with more than 200 monthly active users.
Requirement: You should build your own "P2P trading group brand" within TAU community, and offer your own escrow services within your group.

How to collect your reward?
Contact Me (Telegram @itszi, Discord Zi Ren#5713), we will issue your 200K TAU reward after evaluating your group.

Thanks for all the support! We've picked 3 posters that we like and contacted the winner directly.

Poster designed by one of our community members:




Legal / Re: 📜Crypto Regulation Passed📜
« about: 2 months ago »
Here we go, Kripto's crypto educating classes!

Offer Service / [Offer] English Content Development
« about: 2 months ago »
Service Offer:English Content Development
Talent Experience:+3 years Experience
TAU Required:700
TAU Address:TSNMdNahdzWRdxob8Jn9K8RiEMhiyDDBEd

Offer Service / Re: [Offer] EVENT CARDS DESIGN
« about: 2 months ago »
200 TAU sent to the address, I would like to request a Thankyou card for our TAU foundation team members. I want surprise the team members with this card!

The first escrow service from TAU foundation, TAUbank, is currently under development, and will be released in two weeks time. To prepare for the up coming TAUbank advertising scheme, we would like to seek for a designing service from TAU community.

I am now requesting a poster design service from TAUwork community
Format: Digital version, pdf or png will do

Content: It should include the word TAUbank, basic description of Taubank, and create a TAUbank logo for us! (Preferably in blue colour)
Kindly refer to the Powerpoint attached for TAUbank details.

Deadline: Submission ends at 14th March

Price: 2500 TAU

This [Request] is open for everyone, and we buy the best 3 poster design with 2500 TAU each. Upload your TAUbank poster below and wait for your money!

Offer / [Offer] Data Entering Service
« about: 2 months ago »
Service Offer:Data Entry
Experience: 3 Years
TAU Required: 200
Email: pkdbd1@gmail.com
TAU Address:TRW3ywYSRmVSKxs13NhbD6Eg11fZV4nPEv

Note: Kindly contact the service provider (pkdbd1@gmail.com) for further discussion.

Service Offer:Translation
Talent Experience: English and indonesia
TAU Required: 5000
Email: wildan.hamzah31@gmail.com

Note: Kindly contact the service provider (wildan.hamzah31@gmail.com) for further discussion.

Offer / [Offer] Web Development
« about: 2 months ago »
Service Offer:Web development
Experienced in Python
TAU Required: 1000
Email: H.shahsevani72@gmail.com
TAU Address: TAp8fwTsHgoPWc3AAKqpu7JQbRRMZ9qG8r

Note: Kindly contact the service provider (H.shahsevani72@gmail.com) for further discussion.

Offer / [Offer] Youth Empowerment Consulting
« about: 2 months ago »
Service Offer:Youth Empowerment
TAU Required: 30000
Email: kaabencyclo@gmail.com
Address: TDeBZJ3jvn3VN1GxnTMsqNzxmoTG7sxKJw

Note: Kindly contact the service provider (kaabencyclo@gmail.com) for further discussion.

Forum ANN / Re: Introducing to TAU Point & Shop!
« about: 2 months ago »
Now we can earn TAUcoin by being active in TCT!  :-*

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