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Kriptolab, in genesis block, we are still 2.1b, it is 0.6b is lost or burned. it is kind of tricky to say our circulation is 2.04b. i think both are right depends on how we look at it.
This is fine and you cleared my blurred vision, its fine with that explanation, nice one and appreciated

*** New Vision on TAU ***
TAU technology enables own mobile mining coin on Android network.

On TAU Android app, own permission-less blockchain can be created freely on IPFS without any server investments. Friends use phones to protect and verify the blockchain on “Proof of Transaction” consensus. Riding on TAUcoin main chain, your blockchains will grow from own genesis transaction. They collectively form structure like feather for achieving unlimited total transaction speed.

- Your community will get a full decentral blockchain, for example, Star-Trek-Coin that comes with own genesis transaction, mining, wallet app and android main-net.
- Your blockchain will use own coins as transaction fee, not like a token such as ERC20 relying on ethereum fee.
- Being protected by the global TAU community and open-sourced software, any village can easily establish a crypto currency system with phones.
Brother, this is fantastic, TAUchain is heading to a proper direction I see, hope for more good to come, am looking forward to invest my time in this project

Bitcoin (BTC) has gained legal recognition by a second Chinese court in a further boost for the cryptocurrency in one of its harshest environments.

A watershed for Bitcoin in China

According to investor Dovey Wan, who linked to local media coverage, the Hangzhou Internet Court formally described Bitcoin as virtual property on July 18. 

The second such court to attribute property status to Bitcoin, the ruling came about as part of a dispute between a now-defunct exchange and one of its users who lost funds. 

For Wan, the case marks a significant watershed for Bitcoin in China, where a blanket ban on trading it has been in place since September 2017. 

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From my thinking, if one found to fund his own project and for his and the community's benefits, its enough transparent ever, else he (iMorpheus) help you and us all only if he see it's important.

Regarding TAU total supply, we only have 2.04 billion TAU as total supply, the 2.1 billion is confusing me and most of the users as seen from FAQs, pls remove this confusion

Tanzania / Re: Jibustishe na TAU: Msimu wa 4
« about: 5 days ago »


Over one month and 2 weeks now, TAU MainNet is up and running with the team busy in focus to make real mobile mining happen in real life, yeah as of now early miners are taking advantage, having nearly 400k wallet accounts. Technical questions based on TAU mobile mining are welcome, read the short article below to understand how you can take part in this AMA like discussion but only based in technical part.


Also feel free to drop your question here, it will be picked and all Q&A will be compiled and feedback will be given here, together with in all of TAU's social media platforms, once or twice per month by CEO.

Next step:
° Stabilizing/Optimizing Mobile Mining Wallet
° IPFS native integration
° Server less wallet

Let's discuss TAU tech all together and be part of this new community in Blockchain space.

I kindly appreciate everyone's contribution here, this is really meant to be a community project, I can feel how glad is iMorpheus and his team are :D .

Based on my findings and discussion with some of my friends in some forums, I found one of the database built on IPFS which is said to suit p2p decentralized web and have good speed to help scaling, you can check their git link here - https://github.com/orbitdb/orbit-db which is also server less, it might be something good but need to be checked

Am not that good expert at that, but it might be helpful, or else, the discussion continues on finding better consensus level regarding this point.

Miners room / ⛏TAU Mobile Miner's Guide ⛏
« about: a week ago »
Welcome to TAU, the first decentralized and permission less Mobile Mining Coin ⛏⛏, below is the Miner's Guide

A very good mobile mining guide for all TAU miners https://link.medium.com/AwXa1kk8GX

maybe if the developer promotes Tauworks it will increase the popularity of taucoin
It is my great hope that TAUwork will come to be strong when TAU tech is ready, stable and fully functional.

It is not abandoned by the way, it highly depends on the tech of of TAU itself, so I hope one day freelancers will receive payment via TAUcoin as the first currency to offer payment in crypto.
 I personally waiting for ipfs native integration and serve less wallet to come into real world application

Keep trading here guys.

We rock

TAUcoin Discussion / Re: Coin TAU Mining!
« about: a month ago »
Can you calculate an average of 1 mobile mining in 1 day?
Can you pls explain? Didn't get your point

We created a group for TAU mobile miner, so we could have a discussion about mobile mining here

~By Devteam

It was mentioned in this article https://medium.com/@davidwu_30530/technical-roadmap-for-tau-f180de7b3403, under Speed Up section, that, late this year sharding would have implemented to increase TPS.

But, seems like sharding will lead us into centralized network and hence, its no longer good for TAU as it has promised to be fully decentralized, yeah, I see the move towards the decentralized state.

My question is, will you now focus back in second layer 2 protocol and lightening network kind of ideas? If not, what should we expect from there?

Also I hove other concerns as far as TAU is co cerned!!! When?
1. White paper update/upgrade
2. Website Upgrade
3. TAUT coin wallet update, cuz it has display errors in the received tx logs, not showing at all

v1 to v1.2 of the mobile mining app preserved the statement that, only 5mb will be used by a miner in a day, but after the other updates of the app, to the recent one v1.6, daily data have hit 20mb+ per day (aside the upgrade fata), its more that expected, can you pls check out on this feature?

In all of your works, I appreciated, you made something unique, hope for more refinement of the mobile mining app as you promised.

Good luck team and all of us

The recent happening of crypto bans in most countries is due to the prevailing cost of running the mining facilities, seem to be environmentally unfriendly speaking of POW consensus.

Hope to see the best results after solving the current technical difficulties in TAU, as in India, TAU will be next great and big thing in most countries, the future is for mobile based coins/tokens, TAU will be the first to show the way.

Keep the good work team

Indian lawmakers have reportedly proposed to enforce a 10-year jail term for citizens who deal with cryptocurrencies, local financial news agency  BloombergQuint  reports on June 6.

The new tough crypto regulation is a part of a recently proposed  draft  bill called “Banning Cryptocurrencies and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill 2019,” according to a  report  by crypto news outlet The Block.

The regulation will reportedly relate to those who mine, hold, buy and sell cryptocurrencies, as well as those who deal with cryptocurrencies directly or indirectly in the country.

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