**Great news: TAU main net will be launched on 25th May**

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 Veil Blockchain cryptocurrency framework is an ecosystem designed with one thing in mind.That is; making privacy definitive for the users. It also establishes that the validity system of exchanges on all levels in the crypto node has to be private in all tiny details as it can be. This very element represents the functional construct of having the best kind of privacy sequence and presence for users. The Veil is built within the structural teamwork and framework of the blockchain crypto currency node.The mechanism is efficient and tremendously unique in its anagram and stance.

Website: https://veil-project.com/
Discord: https://discord.veil-project.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/VEILProject
Ann Thread: https://Not allowed other forum name.org/index.php?topic=5065331.0

THE TauT mainnet should be immediately released.

Count down to contest expiration. hurry up and grab your coin now

Are there updates on this contest

Happy CNY. Thanks for the nice input. Let's summarize my idea.
1. Revenue for TAUcoin is not in urgent, we do not have a huge team like eos/eth. Our burn rate is very well managed under my personal financial ability. Without sales of coins, we are very safe in terms of legal matters. Listing on exchange is never a difficult thing for us to do. It is just not mature and right action for now. The crypto space is under huge doubt from public on the survival issue, mainly due to technology. Using a immature technology to bet market long term recognition is like a gamble. gambling is eventually failing. we want to make sure our technology really work and community understand its value, then many exchange will list us rather than we do. I always believed into product rather than channel.
2. Distribution and referral bonus amount is kind of random. I apologize that. The root reason is that in my vision, the bonus will be very very low such as below 5 tau. it is just a little better than no free coins. As we described we want to give basic coins to everyone, but on basic. I assume around we have 1 millions accounts, we shall be able to reach bonus below 5 tau, and then run it is for very long time, eventually, it will below 3 or even 1 after a few years. so that it is really hard for me to come up a definitive plan, it really down to momentum and cost of transactions on main net.
3. TAU work is very important for community members be able to communicate to the whole community about their view on tau value. we just need to persist.

well spoken. the product is more important than the channel.

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« about: 3 months ago »
It is true that TAU has a marvellous idea when it comes to the blockchain technological framework and that is one of the ideas the team has ensured to put into proper use. This is why the TAU team has deemed it very important to have a mobile version of the TAU Dapp. you can download it via this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mofei.tau
In line with the tau vision, all members and participants of Tau should download this mobile app version.

The TAU App Store has been updated. You can download using the link in the quote


 The process by which nature creates the right amount of balance, has been thought of by many and a way of making this balance effective is interestingly unique.The Blockchain cryptocurrency operations makes this process really functional and achievable in all context. Thus, this has erupted the arrival of the Zero Carbon Project on the crypto mall. The Project is to create a synergy construct of how blockchain can work with the green concept in the world at large in making, the environment more secure and conserved. In reference, this is basically built primarily on the scalability, flexibility and decentralized conceptualization of the project. The Zero Carbon Project enables crypto coin ownership variability for users which makes, people from anywhere in the world access tokens from the project that can aid the place of managing and creating a green world for all. The project is creative, unique and built upon the relevant constant construct of restoring the environment to it's original form.This, in essence defines the paradigm of how well zero carbon presence can make the world more healthy, safe, adaptable, liveable and lovable.Thus, the Zero Carbon Project does this without any form of hindrances and limits. it makes the whole process decentralized for wider reach and accessible growth. Hence, for more details, users can visit the Zero Carbon Project at www.zerocarbonproject.com, for token offers, value margins on allocations and project roadmap (milestones, achievements and wider reach). Furthermore, this approach navigates to provide,all requirement for green environment creation. The very essence of following the web homepage is to actually follow through on the how the project milestones,interfaces and delivery frameworks can be better harnessed in general. It is said, that proper understanding creates right value management of anything in general. This is what Zero Carbon Project offers for a vast-achievable green environment. it enacts the real element of precision for users to follow and also a creative index of a goal written to be achieved and understood.The basic construct of the Zero Carbon Project ideologically drives this for the future.

For more information and details.

Website: https://www.zerocarbonproject.com/
Whitepaper: https://www.zerocarbonproject.com/white-paper/
ANN Thread: https://Not allowed other forum name.org/index.php?topic=3396140.0
Bounty Thread: https://Not allowed other forum name.org/index.php?topic=3406822.0
Telegram: https://t.me/ZeroCarbonProject
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Zero-Carbon-Project-1994928630745331/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZeroCarbonPrjct

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We do not run tau exchange anymore. Thanks.

it is currently been rebranded to give a more sustainable approach guaranteed security. However, you should keep bells ringing for its relaunch by February maximum.

Forum ANN / Re: Taucointalk project plan
« about: 6 months ago »
What is main goal of this project?

The main goal is clearly stated in the plan. you can read up and get a better answer for yourself

Forum ANN / Re: Taucointalk project plan
« about: 6 months ago »
what is the maximum value one can secure. cos if it is micro then we should regulate the minimum and maximum value else someone can come and offer a million dollars to buy off and no one knows their intentions.

TAU monopoly is a game to build mining power, reputation and social network for future mobile miners. We like community to give us user demand and game function suggestion.
Top 3 participants weekly will receive 10K TAU. Please respond to this thread.

TAU Monopoly Basic function:
1. Check your transaction connection, mining power
2. Refer and send money to get mining power and check stats.
3. Your power and reputation
can a function be added to it, functions like the Monopoly keeps running at the background even when the Dapp is idle or not been used. That will increase the number of users per time

500k TAUcoin for sell.
Want to sell 500K TAU , 0.0006 BTC / 15000 TAU.
We can use an escrow. We are on young forum, I trust only admin and iMorpheus here. I will ask admin to act as an escrow later if we make a deal.

You can pay with BTC , ETH , or Doge coin.
my email address :  vicepresidentrana@gmail.com.

i will advice you hold fast unto the TAU coin as that is the only way you have a say in the TAU project. but if you must sell, then, do not sell at a giveaway price.

0.0004 BTC / 1000 TAU ,Minimum buy 5000 TAU ( BTC only )

30,000 TAU = 0.012 BTC
30,000 TAU = 0.39 ETH
30,000 TAU = 19,700 Doge
do you wish to buy TAU at this value or you wish to sell TAU at this value because it is very important to ascertain what your side is on the transaction

becoming an investor is simply taking risk in exchange for speculated profit making. it does not mean that it is just a title but it entails committing resources and overseeing the investment in order to ensure that it brings back returns in a stipulated time.

TAU-X Exchange / Re: TAU Coin
« about: 6 months ago »
I that as of the time i am drafting this, everyone who has allocated TAU to the TAU-X pool must have gotten back their coins by this time.

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