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It is my great hope that TAUwork will come to be strong when TAU tech is ready, stable and fully functional.

It is not abandoned by the way, it highly depends on the tech of of TAU itself, so I hope one day freelancers will receive payment via TAUcoin as the first currency to offer payment in crypto.
 I personally waiting for ipfs native integration and serve less wallet to come into real world application

Yeah i agree with you "great teqn" will take us far .
And i think we share hope about Tau ,Tau will reach a point to offer payment in crypto ąs for that it will have high value and high demand for people

I think if a mobile mining application takes up maximum resources when synchronizing maybe it will speed up the synchronization time

With  this new version the synchronization speed is very fast great thanks to the managment for that development i see to fast meve as a sec sobits just your mobile to have high network

Tau to the MOON

Two weeks Im gone and this is what I am reading here. Anyway, congratulations to everyone who made it so far. Your contributions are highly appreciated by the team. And if it isn't obvious to everyone right now, the team is SO FOCUSED with the mobile mining improvement that they neglect and ignore other important factors too saying " TAU network security and stabilization" as priority over other stuff. And what other stuff are we looking for?

1. TAU website update. It looks old and a lot of stuff about TAUT as well, which bRings confusion to many newcomers.
2. TAUT website. Our dear 1st Chairman has a lot of time announcing update about the website. not cool.
3. Advertising. Bounties and ADs are not enough to get more new people. If I were to be honest, there are more spammers here.
4. Mid tier to high tier exchanges for TAUT. yes, this is GoodLife's position but no update in weeks makes it not good.
5. Roadmap update. We'd like to see an " exchange listing" on the roadmap. Dont say it is not priority. Give us a year instead.
6. A section for mobile app version updates information guide.
7. Conrmation and clarification of definition about Jan 1, 2020 taut-tau conversion
8. and much more...

Also I would like to add about the mobile mining app

1. There should be a way that low TAU holder can send tau at a reasonable fee.
2. There should be a limit on how many tx one address can send to his own address.
3. We should remove participant mining when someone sends TAU. It is just like reducing fees. Just reduce the fees. It's not called a reward, it's  a discount.
4. There should be a way for low mining power miners to harvest even a few fee from the block, even not from each block. This mining should be a "low barrier" not the opposite one.
5. Block synch should be "by wallet" and not "by phone". which means that even if I switched phone, as long as I have the wallet address it should be synched properly, especially for a miner wallet.
6. The main problem with TAU mobile mining is that ordinary wallet owners or airdrop participants have no  necessity to use the chain for transacion. There is no usecase for TAU yet. And the fact the we are using POT as consensus mechanism means we have to transact in order to mine or gain mining power. If you are seeing the numbers on the app right now, we are having less and less miners each week due to severe competition and lack of use case. One day, when the top mining power holder does not spam the network any longer , there'd be no longer txs  on the chain thus no more fees to harvest. Instead of spamming the network with self inflicted transactions, Team should make a viable use case for TAU.. payment, games, whatsover as long as it provides valid transaction to be incluAgain, the team is too focused on the tech and forgets that there are other things to do with the project. Maybe you can get a team to do what you can't do at the  meantime.

You have say great this my friend i support you

But my suggestion is at the future is better to have only one coin which will become the most important crypto coin, i think Taucoin it explain its self.

That means TauT which born during the  Taucoin Testnet  to be cancel at all and all people to hold only one coin Taucoin.

How this can be, dev have an idea at 1 Jan 2020 people can be able to convert TauT to Taucoin at this  ratio of 1:1.

If all people do that there we can see all people are hold Taucoin and that can make us to have only one coin at the future.

But i know this is not fast process can take time but can be done slowly at the end all will have one coin in our hand.
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We are all waiting for jan 2020 as  member who hold Taut and Tau will convert Taut to Tau at a ratio of 1:1  and will remain with TAUcoin for mobile mining .

I advise the managment to also creat some security in Tau wallet app as an app if possible so as to provide more safe to Tau holders .

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Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months
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Priority to mining history is what we need at this point. Although mining Income is enough, a detailed credit, debit history is necessary.

And when we send from our wallet to our wallet  itself, why only debit is shown? Why not credit?
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This is very true when send coin to your own adress olny debit is shown not credit why that..? As it give hard time for someone to know if coin have beed receved in his/her wallet

I suggest that both debit and credit should be shown  in transaction list when send coin to your own adress

2. There should be a limit on how many tx one address can send to his own address.

I don't support you here friend i think it shouldn't matter what a person send in his/her own adress we all look forwad to gain more mining power and it comes to a time that we someone do transation with another person that friend can send him less coin than he sent to him wich cause more lose to a person so its best to send to your own adress and lose coin olny those of tx fee

This is a good idea, friend, because maybe not all of us use Android phones.

but maybe this takes a long time to make a Taucoin wallet on iOS.

But i think same android mobile wallet can be used in IOS it just to allow it to be in IOS system  and IOS users can have a safe place to store their coin

I want to give suggestion Taucoin promotion advice to social media if the community grows, there will be more ideas that will emerge over time.

if Taucoin is widely discussed on social media, it might attract people to join the taucoin community.

I also want to advise developers to continue to develop tauwork because tauwork can enforce popularity if many people trade there.

I think promotion of Tau should start after stebalize mainnet and have high speed as to not give any gape to the new community to vomment badly in Tau mobile mining

So let first deal with increase of speed and use low fee in transaction and promiton to start

I have a quastion to the managment what about IOS users will they have a mobile wallet later ...!?

Becouse i see the is no  a safe place for them to store their coin
If there is any plan for IOS users please provide us the information as their as part of Tau community and they face hard time in looking for a safe place to store the coin

I need to give my great thanks and congratulations  to the TAU managment  for the big step made of lunching Tau mainnet and mobile mining to work.
I think now the community have seen importance of high technology through Tau mobile mining as it use much time to make a succed transaction and inorder for transaction to succed in litter time more fee as i see its more than 50coin for now .
So for now we all seek for more mining power which 1 mining power increase per 1 succed transaction so let give more time then managment to stablize mainnet and have speed in transaction and use low fee so not to lose much coin in fee .
Tau coin to the moon

Hi, my name is James. I am new to the Taucointalk Community and to the bounty debates.  Being new and experienced in crypto investing and IT, I thought I'd share my experience and ideas for possible improvements/refinements of Tau's social networks and taking part in the bounty.

  • Twitter header image is blurry and really doesn't promote your Taucoin professional. By improving the quality of the image and the message, you'll increase awareness and believability in your crypto.
  • Further to my last point, I'd be happy to create for free, a clear/professional header image specific to Twitter or others you may need.
  • I was confused as to which Tau telegram group to join. I was originally a part of the Tau Community Turkey without realising that the official Tau Community is https://t.me/taucoin.
  • I suggets hiring a marketing/community promoter/leader. People who can actively promote your activities on your preferred social medias. It needs to be more frequently and consistently so that awareness of your coin can grow.
  • There is confusion with which Facebook page is the correct one for Tau. I came across a person by the name of Taucoin (link https://www.facebook.com/Taucoin-2241271836111902/?__tn__=K-R&eid=ARDNWUvc0Y3J8BYcr63w8l01rmDP6UvfzKyQPlqBugsVlUoNGZBGPThtpDudpmyrp5u6D7DEvzQRKVIy&fref=mentions).
  • Further to the last point, although the logo is not the Tau logo, the fact that the name is Taucoin causes confusion and you may want to chat with Facebook about its legitimacy.
  • Continuing on from last point, it's more logical to use the name Tau coin as the username rather than @taublockchain.
  • Referral links such as https://www.taucoin.io/account/login?referralURL=c5efa8f79806df0055968387320b608f1d1133b0cd8d8b0bf1231a90ce2e2720 no longer work and this is the second I tried. It does not instill confidence that referrals are infact working and adds to a potential lack of confidence in your blockchain/com.
  • Pinned messages in Telegram may want to include all active campaigns rather than just the latest notice which would make it easier to find relevant information. You may also want to include links to your official social media accounts.
  • Recommend a daily check-in task of logging into your android wallet, just like VITE. It encourages people to utilise and/or check updates daily and further enforces consumers to remember your brand and to be rewarded for the effort. The daily award amount can be a little or as much as you like.
  • I also believe in gamification to encoourage consumers to interact with you in a fun way. I do like the dice game idea which would also connect well with the daily check-in as suggested in my last point.
  • A reminder email would service well to ensure your community members withdraw Airdrop/Bounty from web wallet to Android Wallet on/or before mainnet launch.
  • I suggest for mainnet launch a competition for that day where everyone who withdraws money to android wallet goes in the draw to win X amount of TAU/TAUT.
  • I suggest utilising social media to promote current campaigns/updates/winners of debate etc. There has been no update on Facebook since 5 May 2019 and I refer you back to the point I made earlier about hiring promoters/leaders to grow an engaged community.

These are only some of the ideas I have at the moment but I look forward to contributing more feedback/debate topics in future.


Am very happy for  your ideas to the managment this is what the want for use to supoort the in ideas to succes of TAU/TAUT its not that they will benefit themselve we will all benefit so lets keep up and shre ideas with the manegment for the succes of the whole TAU/TAUT community

We shold not stack in one thing of price issue and market lets alse give ideas about technolgy development

TAU/TAUT to the moon.

thats a great idea pal.... but as we focus on increasing the value of the coins we still need to figure out on how we can promote the TAU coins so that they can be known through out the world.

by doing so we can have an oportunity to promote the TAU coin to the next level and thus making it more developed than all other coins.

i once loved an idea of one of the comunity members that we should somehow compose a dice game that uses TAU coins, that was a very good idea and it  real can help in promoting TAU/TAUT to the comunity.

and thus in order for us as TAU/TAUT comunity to suceed in our project of taking TAU coin to the next  level  i think we realy need to work hard in advertising the company to the comunity.
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Sorry friend i thick TAU managment has produce so many way ti the community for the to gain more coin please try to use telegram groups well for there so many ways which are shown by groups admin to the community so its us to work on the and gain more coin before its late

that tau is mostly exposed word widely,

I support you buddy with higher techq TAU/TAUT will be far away and 1 day to be the master coin as it will have bigger techq .
 About thee issue of TAU/TAUT increase in price friends lets try to be rolay and as we can see TAU /TAUT managment is doing a great  job till here where we are we should be thanks full to them and stop giving them more hard work to deal with market as still they have big work to deal with techq issue.
We should remember that what the managment is working on has never br done by someone so the discover thing so we community should wait time will come TAU/TAUT will be listed in big market that the wish and hope of ever one .

My advise to the managment if it possible to use QR code and adress in doing transaction on coin please make it as its easly and best way too.

Yes,i agree with our managment that it should deal with technology issue mostly .

But my advice is that it should provide more information to the community about technology issues through weekly updates which will help more to give information to the community on how important is technology and the hardness the managment face as it the first time and what it do is discover ways so it be in best and safe way and it will give awareness to the community that its best to get best technology and deal with listing Tau/Taut in big exchange .

So on weekly update it should provide more information about technology issues and not other as it will give more awareness to the community on how important is the technology that managment deal with it much.

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