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Bitcoin (BTC) has gained legal recognition by a second Chinese court in a further boost for the cryptocurrency in one of its harshest environments.

A watershed for Bitcoin in China

According to investor Dovey Wan, who linked to local media coverage, the Hangzhou Internet Court formally described Bitcoin as virtual property on July 18. 

The second such court to attribute property status to Bitcoin, the ruling came about as part of a dispute between a now-defunct exchange and one of its users who lost funds. 

For Wan, the case marks a significant watershed for Bitcoin in China, where a blanket ban on trading it has been in place since September 2017. 

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Over one month and 2 weeks now, TAU MainNet is up and running with the team busy in focus to make real mobile mining happen in real life, yeah as of now early miners are taking advantage, having nearly 400k wallet accounts. Technical questions based on TAU mobile mining are welcome, read the short article below to understand how you can take part in this AMA like discussion but only based in technical part.


Also feel free to drop your question here, it will be picked and all Q&A will be compiled and feedback will be given here, together with in all of TAU's social media platforms, once or twice per month by CEO.

Next step:
° Stabilizing/Optimizing Mobile Mining Wallet
° IPFS native integration
° Server less wallet

Let's discuss TAU tech all together and be part of this new community in Blockchain space.

Miners room / ⛏TAU Mobile Miner's Guide ⛏
« about: a week ago »
Welcome to TAU, the first decentralized and permission less Mobile Mining Coin ⛏⛏, below is the Miner's Guide

A very good mobile mining guide for all TAU miners https://link.medium.com/AwXa1kk8GX

We created a group for TAU mobile miner, so we could have a discussion about mobile mining here

~By Devteam

Indian lawmakers have reportedly proposed to enforce a 10-year jail term for citizens who deal with cryptocurrencies, local financial news agency  BloombergQuint  reports on June 6.

The new tough crypto regulation is a part of a recently proposed  draft  bill called “Banning Cryptocurrencies and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill 2019,” according to a  report  by crypto news outlet The Block.

The regulation will reportedly relate to those who mine, hold, buy and sell cryptocurrencies, as well as those who deal with cryptocurrencies directly or indirectly in the country.

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Tanzania / JIBUSTISHE NA TAU/TAUT: Msimu wa 3
« about: a month ago »
Using 100 words, explain one of the following:

TAUcoin is a mobile mining coin

TAUcoin has high speed and use low energy

TAUcoin is built on IPFS

TAUcoin resist currency inflation and control

TAUcoin is a proof-of-transaction currency

1. Copy the topic of your choice and write answers below it.

What is TAUcoin?
TAUcoin is an electronic currency that aims to promote transactions, to increase circulation, and to introduce a consensus mechanism that is fair, secure and environmentally friendly.

2. 10 winners will be selected on May 31 2019, the selection of winners will base on the quality, truth and reality of the answers to the specific topic answered. Each winner will get 4000 TAUT.

3. Write eligibly

4. Must join here https://t.me/tauforall and have username


TAU ANN / [ANN] TAUcoin Super Airdrop
« about: a month ago »
Protect you from currency inflation and control

Dear Community,

This is the first time in the world True Asset Unit (TAU) coin allows every Android wallet user to be a mobile miner and in a perversive way, earn and spend their coins without a middleman by connecting Address-to-Address network to the TAUcoin blockchain. The management offers 10m TAUT coins to be shared to all enthusiasts in the globe as the grand opening of our main net on 25th May 2019.

🎁 Rewards
- Each one will get 1000 tau as airdrop reward.

« about: a month ago »
Here are 11 healthy living principles everyone should practice:

1) Eat Enough Calories
Not eating enough sends your body into starvation mode and makes it harder to lose weight.

2) Practice Moderation
Allow yourself to eat the things you really want every once and a while. It’s perfectly fine to enjoy things like ice cream, cookies or a latte with whipped cream. Just don’t make it an every day occurrence.

3) Eat Breakfast
Skipping breakfast does nothing but lead to low blood sugar, moodiness and overeating later. Just remember that you aren't limited to “traditional” breakfast foods. Focus on putting together a breakfast with complex carbs, lean protein and healthy fats. It will increase your metabolism, energy and focus.

4) Limit Processed Foods
Processed foods are almost always packed with sodium, sugar, artificial ingredients and other things your body doesn’t need.

5) Drink Water
Remember that the calories in your drinks count towards your total calories for the day! Choose water most of the time and remember that if you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. Take a water bottle with you everywhere to remind you to drink more often. And use additions like berries, mint or lemon to flavor your water if you don’t like it plain.

6) Eat More Vegetables
Make an effort to increase your vegetable intake every day, especially the non-starchy kind. Also try to eat a variety of different vegetables and colors so that you get all the different nutrients they offer.

7) Cook More at Home
When you do the cooking, you control the ingredients. Cook extra for dinner and pack the leftovers for lunch. If you do eat out, be smart about it. Watch your portion sizes, save half for later, order extra veggies instead of starches, and ask for things like dressings and sauces on the side.

8) Buy Local and Choose Organic (When Possible and Practical)
Shop your local farmer’s market. You’ll often find fruits and vegetables that were picked that very day and haven’t lost their nutrients while traveling or sitting on a shelf. Know the "dirty dozen" (foods that have the most pesticide residue) and focus on buying organic versions of those fruits and vegetables.

9) Be Aware of What You’re Eating
Learn proper portion sizes and take the time to learn about the quality of the foods you’re eating and where they come from. Pay attention to how often you’re eating and make sure you’re not doing so out of boredom.

10) Be Physically Active
Physical activity can help control your blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, as well as your weight. It can also help improve your brain function, concentration and sleep quality.

11) Sleep Enough
Aim for eight hours every night. To help meet this goal, power down and disconnect from your electronics at least one hour before bedtime and focus on more calming activities like meditation, reading or journaling. When you’re tired, you’re more likely to eat poorly — so make an effort to get enough sleep each night.

🔗 https://foodandnutrition.org/blogs/stone-soup/11-principles-healthy-living/


The central bank of Russiabelieves that the draft bill on crypto regulation is prepared enough to be adopted in the spring of 2019, local news agency TASS reports on May 22.

Olga Skorobogatova, first deputy governor of the Russian central bank, has stated that the bank expects the crypto bill, “On Digital Financial Assets” (DFA), to be adopted during the spring session in 2019 in accordance with the order of the country’s president, Vladimir Putin.

Speaking at a recent meeting of the Parliament, Skorobogatova argued that the DFA, as well as a draft law on crowdfundingand other crypto-related bills, are at a “sufficiently high degree of preparedness” to be adopted during the session.

The official has also emphasized that all those draft laws are “crucial for the country and will allow for the implementation of new projects.” Conversely, Russian prime minister and former president Dmitry Medvedev had recently statedthat crypto regulation is not a priority for the Russian authorities because cryptos “have lost their popularity.”


The Japanese House of Representatives has passed new crypto regulation in the upper house of the National Diet, local news agency Nikkeireports on May 21.

The lower house has reportedly moved crypto-related amendments to the existing financial law to the House of Councillors at a recent plenary session.                 

According to Nikkei, the amendments to two of Japan’s financial laws — the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and Payment Services Act — intend to strengthen local regulations on cryptocurrency trading process. The amendments reportedly extend the regulation by adding legislation for cryptocurrency margin trading.


TAUcoin Discussion / First Mobile Mining Release
« about: 1 months ago »
Mainnet and first mobile mining coin release is almost here


Am personally excited and can't wait for the event, How far have you prepared?


Karibuni watanzania wote, sehemu hii ni kwa ajli ya maulizo, mwaswala yote yanayohusu TAU/TAUT yataulizwa na kujibiwa hapa, yeyote mwenye swali atauliza, na majibu yatatolewa katika kutafuta ufumbuzi

- Usichapishe wala kutuma tuvuti au mada zozote ambambo hazihusiani na TAU/TAUT

- Usitumie lugha za matusi

- Heahimu kila mwana juia na mawao yake

- Ukishauliza swali, rudi kuangalia kama umejibiwa baada ya Massa 3+

- Usitume picha za ngono wala viambatanishi vyake vya aina yoyote ile.

- Kushindwa kuzingatia maelekezo haya utasababisha uzuiliwe kutumia jukwaa (forum) hili.

- Yeyote anaweza uliza swali, ama kujibu endapo anauelewa wa kutosha juu ya swali/maswali yaliyoulizwa

Karibuni tuijenge jumuia yetu katika jukwaa hili.

Kwa wanaotaka kujiunga na kundi letu la telegram (Muhimu), bovya hapa -> https://t.me/tauforall

« about: 2 months ago »
Hakikisha unasoma na kufata maelekezo yote kabla hujashiriki kwenye Daka Mkwanja na TAUT.

Kila siku watachaguliwa watu watano wa kwanza kuzingatia vigezo na masharti kwa usahihi na kila mmoja atapata TAUT elfu moja tu.

Zingatia, tuma chapisho kwenye ukurasa huu:
📌 Username yako ya telegram
📌 Mkoba wako wa TAUT (address)

TZ Telegram Group

Zoezi hili litaendelea kila siku mpaka tutakapositisha

Siku ya kwanza imekwisha

A new bill introduced on April 24 in the American state of Ohio’s House of Representatives would, if passed, allow the state government and other government entities to implement blockchain solutions in the exercise of their authority.

According to the official website of the Ohio state legislature, the bill, titled House Bill 220, has been sponsored by the Republican Party’s State Representative Rick Carfagna, who represents Ohio’s 68th District in the House.

As Northeast Ohio media agency Cleveland.com reported on April 25, the bill would prospectively legalize government blockchain applications such as recording car titles or hunting licenses online, where they could be accessible by authorized agencies on a secure distributed ledger.


🎥 TAUT: The First Fair & Decentralized Crypto Asset on PC Mining: Software Installation Guide. 🚀

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