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TAUcoin Discussion / First Mobile Mining Release
« about: a day ago »
Mainnet and first mobile mining coin release is almost here


Am personally excited and can't wait for the event, How far have you prepared?


Karibuni watanzania wote, sehemu hii ni kwa ajli ya maulizo, mwaswala yote yanayohusu TAU/TAUT yataulizwa na kujibiwa hapa, yeyote mwenye swali atauliza, na majibu yatatolewa katika kutafuta ufumbuzi

- Usichapishe wala kutuma tuvuti au mada zozote ambambo hazihusiani na TAU/TAUT

- Usitumie lugha za matusi

- Heahimu kila mwana juia na mawao yake

- Ukishauliza swali, rudi kuangalia kama umejibiwa baada ya Massa 3+

- Usitume picha za ngono wala viambatanishi vyake vya aina yoyote ile.

- Kushindwa kuzingatia maelekezo haya utasababisha uzuiliwe kutumia jukwaa (forum) hili.

- Yeyote anaweza uliza swali, ama kujibu endapo anauelewa wa kutosha juu ya swali/maswali yaliyoulizwa

Karibuni tuijenge jumuia yetu katika jukwaa hili.

Kwa wanaotaka kujiunga na kundi letu la telegram (Muhimu), bovya hapa -> https://t.me/tauforall

« about: 2 weeks ago »
Hakikisha unasoma na kufata maelekezo yote kabla hujashiriki kwenye Daka Mkwanja na TAUT.

Kila siku watachaguliwa watu watano wa kwanza kuzingatia vigezo na masharti kwa usahihi na kila mmoja atapata TAUT elfu moja tu.

Zingatia, tuma chapisho kwenye ukurasa huu:
📌 Username yako ya telegram
📌 Mkoba wako wa TAUT (address)

TZ Telegram Group

Zoezi hili litaendelea kila siku mpaka tutakapositisha

Siku ya kwanza imekwisha

A new bill introduced on April 24 in the American state of Ohio’s House of Representatives would, if passed, allow the state government and other government entities to implement blockchain solutions in the exercise of their authority.

According to the official website of the Ohio state legislature, the bill, titled House Bill 220, has been sponsored by the Republican Party’s State Representative Rick Carfagna, who represents Ohio’s 68th District in the House.

As Northeast Ohio media agency Cleveland.com reported on April 25, the bill would prospectively legalize government blockchain applications such as recording car titles or hunting licenses online, where they could be accessible by authorized agencies on a secure distributed ledger.


🎥 TAUT: The First Fair & Decentralized Crypto Asset on PC Mining: Software Installation Guide. 🚀

Education / 🚨 A SAFETY REMINDER 🚨
« about: 3 weeks ago »
The recent happenings of  hack are becoming rampant that exchanges are no longer safe. If the exchanges can get hacked this means you and me stand no chance at all so in view of this if you can do get TAUcoin Mobile Wallet to keep ur funds safe,  never leave ur long term bags on any exchange.

Do not visit random links and also stay away from airdrops requiring your private keys.

Do not store your private key online.

It's called a private key because only you should have it and not even the developers of the app has access to it and that is why if you lose your keys you have equally lost your walllet.

Stay positive and waiting for the bull run.

Stay safe everyone!

Request Service / [Request] Logo Designer Wanted ASAP
« about: 4 weeks ago »
Logo Designer wanted:

Wanted a logo designer for educational channel, if you think have such skills, pls consider below and contact relevant person

Experience: 2 years+
Skills: Graphics & Designer
Price: 500 TAU (negotiable)

Telegram: @Mbukwa


In this guide I will introduce you to private keys, their importance inside a cryptocurrency wallet and the reasons why you must back them up securely. I will also be making a recommendation on where to safely store your private keys.

As always anything I write is not financial advice and I am simply sharing my experience with private keys and cryptocurrency wallets.

What is a private key?

A private key is a string of numbers that represent a cryptocurrency inside a wallet. Below is an example of a fictitious private key:


Much like a key unlocks a door, a private key unlocks a crypto asset inside a wallet.

What are private keys used for?

The role of a private key is to give anyone who knows the private key unrestricted access to the crypto asset (Bitcoin, Dash, etherium etc) it represents. The private key by definition proves ownership of a crypto asset.

In the physical world you use a pen to sign a cheque to authorise payment. In the cryptoverse the private key is used to sign a transaction and authorise payment. The difference being that the private key is encrypted, not publically visible and authorises the transaction in the background - neither the sender nor the receiver see the private key.

What is a public address?

Public keys or addresses are very different to a private keys - a public address is again a string of numbers that you “publicly” disclose to someone you wish to do a transaction with. For example when you want someone to pay you 0.5 Dash or you want to send 0.75 Bitcoin from the exchange to your wallet you would give the sender your public key.

Why you should backup a private key?

The majority of mainstream cryptocurrency wallets like Exodus or Jaxx have a seed consisting of at least 12 words. You can use this seed to restore the contents of the wallet to a new computer if your current computer is stolen, lost or doesn’t work anymore.

Restoring by seed is a great way to restore wallets like Electrum, Jaxx, Coinomi and Exodus to another computer but what if the software wallet provider is no longer in business and you can’t download it? Whilst this is unlikely, how about if the wallet software stops supporting a particularly cryptocurrency? This happened in 2017 when the Exodus wallet stopped supporting Dogecoin.

In either of the eventualities I mentioned previously, you would need to move your cryptocurrency assets to different software wallet - the only way to do this is by backing up the private keys and importing them to the new wallet.

How to backup your wallet’s private keys

There are so many different types of wallet, each cryptocurrency has its own wallet and there are wallets that support multiple currencies. So it would be impossible to cover how to backup every wallet’s private keys, however I will be detailing how to do this for the Exodus, Electrum and Jaxx wallets in another post.

Where to store your backed up private keys

If you do decide to backup your private keys then you must store them somewhere securely so they cannot be found and used by anyone not authorised to do so - remember if someone knows your wallet’s private keys, they can spend your cryptocurrency assets!

When you export private keys from a wallet, they will normally save in a csv (spreadsheet) format which can be printed off or saved.

My recommendation is to save the exported keys to two or more quality USB memory sticks like the Kingston DataTraveller and put them in separate physical locations in case of fire.

How to protect your private key backups

When you save the private keys to a USB drive, you must somehow protect the keys from being seen should someone unauthorised get hold of them. I recommend using VeraCrypt, an open source encryption software that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux to do this. The encryption process uses a master phrase to protect the keys and without this phrase your keys cannot be revealed.

Personally I recommend giving that master phrase to a close friend or relative whom you trust.

I will be writing a how to guide in the future on using VeraCrypt to encrypt your private key backup.

 Very private affair!

Remember with cryptocurrencies there is no bank helpline to call and you are the bank manager! Just like your bank has a system of passwords and memorable phrases to recover your bank account, so to do you need a system to recover your wallets should something happen.


Legal / 📝5 Cryptocurrency Tax Questions📝
« about: a month ago »

Depending on what country you live in, your cryptocurrency will be subject to different tax rules. The questions below address implications within the United States, but similar issues arise around the world. As always, check with a local tax professional to assess your own particular tax situation.


This is my article, explaining the purpose of Applying for TAUT 2019 presidency

“Applying for 2019 TAUT Presidential Election: A Purpose Driven” by Kriptolab https://link.medium.com/LdYxxpMuOV

Representatives in the United States House of Representatives have reintroduced the Token Taxonomy Act, according to a press release shared with Cointelegraph on April 9. The bill would exclude cryptocurrency from being classified as a security.

The bill was initially proposed last December by Reps. Warren Davidson (R) and Darren Soto (D), and seeks to exclude digital currencies from being defined as securities by amending the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Act of 1934.

The press release notes that the recent iteration of the bill will differ from that which was introduced last year. Notably, it clarifies the jurisdictions of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  It also states that a preemption provisions was included the Act that would supercede “heavy-handed” regulations like New York’s“onerous” BitLicense.


The Michigan House of Representatives has passed a bill, HB 4102, on April 9 that would include cryptocurrencies in criminal codes regarding illegal actions for financial gain.

Michigan lawmakers have voted to introduce amendments to various sections of the Michigan Penal Code, specifying that cryptocurrency would be included in provisions relating to money laundering, embezzlement, credit card fraud and financial transactions involving the proceeds of a criminal offense.

The legislation also prohibits the collection of cryptocurrency — or any currency — for the fighting, baiting or shooting of an animal.

State Rep. Ryan Berman told the Detroit News that the bill was inspired by a case of a dog-fighting ring, wherein the organizer was prosecuted, but not individual participants, as they placed their bets using cryptocurrency, which was not expressly prohibited under the law.

Continue ⏯▶️⏯



Tau foundation has fully tested wadax and found it is a great platform operated by excellent technology. We recommend our community members to use it trading TAUT. Wadax never charges fee for listing. Let’s help them grow by trading.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WadaxExchange
Telegram: https://t.me/WadaxExchange
Discord: https://discord.gg/45kh7p8

Wadax - After we have seen a development from only regular people to governments getting
involved. Governments start to get back their control on how you use your money.
They know exactly what you own. Due KYC, this isn't to protect anyone. But to know what you have to get their control.

Wadax is created to provide an exchange without KYC. We do neither want your information. Your information should be private. And your information is
valuable, so be carefull with it. Privacy and security combine each other. And we care about Security. This is the reason why we do only provide App 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). And not SMS 2FA, to prevent SIM swapping.

Wadax has no limits on deposits or withdraws. This way you can quickly store your coins in your own cold storage wallet.

The immutable promise of block chain seems to be independent from any human interfere. However, this idea remains implausible in reality, when people invest in mining equipments to manipulate the public ledger and perform 51% attack on bitcoin cash and ETC.

Most of “proof of work” consensus such as bitcoin claims that the longest chain is truth no matter how human engages. When “work” become an investable result, people can interfere under the hood of “truth”.

When social media comes around, there is a mini history established by your friends and groups to record what is happening each day and verified by many related people. Thesedays we gives social media more creditability on history and current than news paper.

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Analysts have been anticipating the implications of the Internet of Things (IoT) for several years. However, there have been two main impediments to its success: capacity and security.

But now, the introduction of a new technology could change that. This year, major carriers like AT&T and Verizon will be introducing 5G, the latest generation of cellular mobile communications. The 5G platform brings a high data rate, reduced latency, energy savings, cost reduction, higher system capacity and massive device connectivity, according to analysts.

The combination of 5G and blockchain technology has the potential to unleash a surge of economic value. In order to understand this connection between 5G and blockchain, one must think of the relationship as multifold. The power of 5G coverage through its reduced latency, high speeds and capacity allows for IoT devices to become widely used. Simultaneously, these devices can leverage the security, decentralization, immutability and consensus arbitration of blockchains as foundational layers.

That means smart cities, driverless vehicles, smart homes and other sensor-driven enhancements will finally have a technology that can handle their needs.


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