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TAUcoin Discussion / Re: Long-Crypto Protocol - TAU Foundation Team
« about: September 06, 2019, 08:29:06 AM »
It's really amazing, taking TAU to this level is pretty awesome.

I feel to learn more about this matter

General Discussion / MOVED: OSC LOTTERY EVENT
« about: September 06, 2019, 08:24:42 AM »

TAUcoin Discussion / Re: DAO& DeFi for TAUcoin
« about: September 03, 2019, 07:48:46 PM »
How will the voting system be implemented in " Long Crypto"

Only the TAU community cannot vote, just as only investors can vote.
If we use an 80/20 ratio then the votes should be divided accordingly.
For example a common pool USDC equal to 1 million. 80%
The total pool of TAU. 1bn. 20%

Here will remove the inactive voice count.

You can still try the blocking of funds at the time of voting.

You can try to enter a rating, but it can spoil everything. Need to test.
Will TAU  foundation team participate in the long crypto?

TAUcoin Discussion / Re: DAO& DeFi for TAUcoin
« about: September 03, 2019, 12:57:38 PM »
Well, this DeFi DAO seem to be good but new to most of the TAU community members, even including me, but after reading this article  I came to get some good interesting ideas about DeFi, pla have it for a read:

A very good explanations about Long-Crypto Protocol, by TAU Foundation Team


New tax proposal

According to news outlet Kabar, the draft law was specifically developed to allow for the possible taxation of crypto mining.

The taxation on cryptocurrency mining is expected to increase budget revenues and to contribute to the principle of fair taxation in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The Ministry of Economy of Kyrgyzstan seems to be exploring two possible options to implement taxes on cryptocurrency mining. The first option would be the taxation of income, while the second would be taxing expenses incurred during cryptocurrency mining. 

The report suggests that the Kyrgyz government stands to earn some 300 million som ($4.2 million) — significant in a country whose annual budgetstands at around $1 billion.

Continued ▶⏯▶

TAUcoin Discussion / TAUcoin Mobile Mining App
« about: August 31, 2019, 01:59:37 PM »
Its been 3 months since mainnet went live and all involved in mining each had own experiences. But common ones are having block stuck problems when syncing, app stop itself after some times, slow speed in syncing plocks to meet the latest one and many more you can mention.

Despite the above problems, first I applause to the team for hard work, making sure each week or biweekly we get a new app version to solve existing problems and make it less or buggy free. From v0.1 up to now we have the latest v1.9.0.5, may be the new version will come out soon to solve some few or all problems.

You can share your experience in using TAU mobile mining App and see if we can find some unreported problems to be fixed, welcome everyone

Voting / Re: Site with questions and answers Area51
« about: August 27, 2019, 04:42:42 AM »
Great, that's a very reputable site interns of users that pp didn't realized it yet, good to see  TAUcoin there, let's bump it guys

Tau is a great concept but right now, it only favours the top 10 miners and their mining power will keep on increasing to an unprecedented level allowing them to control the network in perpetuity. Most of the tau mined are controlled by them because most blocks are mined by them so how can it be of value to others?
There will be no new miners since they will quit after few days of mining for absolutely nothing because they will be competing with almost 0% of success against miners with hundreds of thousands of mining power which almost certainly guarantees them the block. In this case, I wonder how there will be millions of tau coin miners.
Since it is a mobile miner, tau should be rewarded to everyone. But the current scenario is that in order to mine effectively, every miner has to cough up money in order to be able to mine so its not really useful to the majority.
My suggestion is that no matter the mining power of the miner, they should be incentivised for their contribution to the network.
I think you need to take some time and follow up closely each block and the respective miner with regard to their mining power, here are some of the miners which are out of top 10, even out of top 100 am sure and still they managed to mine blocks:


Last block ( 19522) miner. Only 1 mining power 😍😍😍

Block 19503 miner. This wallet has 3 mining power 😍😍😍😍😍
Block 19736 miner


Only 13 mining power
Latest Block 19810 miner


Only 8 mining power 👍

You can see, but bear in mind what has been said my CEO above, its not final, everything will be ok, only we need to bear with them, time will tell if this take is sustainable.

I still didn't get it, what's the concept behind sending to foundation address? Perhaps I have seen it not being actively sending for last 6 hrs (at this time of writing), and why not sending to other addresses rather than foundation address or own address?

Kriptolab, in genesis block, we are still 2.1b, it is 0.6b is lost or burned. it is kind of tricky to say our circulation is 2.04b. i think both are right depends on how we look at it.
This is fine and you cleared my blurred vision, its fine with that explanation, nice one and appreciated

*** New Vision on TAU ***
TAU technology enables own mobile mining coin on Android network.

On TAU Android app, own permission-less blockchain can be created freely on IPFS without any server investments. Friends use phones to protect and verify the blockchain on “Proof of Transaction” consensus. Riding on TAUcoin main chain, your blockchains will grow from own genesis transaction. They collectively form structure like feather for achieving unlimited total transaction speed.

- Your community will get a full decentral blockchain, for example, Star-Trek-Coin that comes with own genesis transaction, mining, wallet app and android main-net.
- Your blockchain will use own coins as transaction fee, not like a token such as ERC20 relying on ethereum fee.
- Being protected by the global TAU community and open-sourced software, any village can easily establish a crypto currency system with phones.
Brother, this is fantastic, TAUchain is heading to a proper direction I see, hope for more good to come, am looking forward to invest my time in this project

Bitcoin (BTC) has gained legal recognition by a second Chinese court in a further boost for the cryptocurrency in one of its harshest environments.

A watershed for Bitcoin in China

According to investor Dovey Wan, who linked to local media coverage, the Hangzhou Internet Court formally described Bitcoin as virtual property on July 18. 

The second such court to attribute property status to Bitcoin, the ruling came about as part of a dispute between a now-defunct exchange and one of its users who lost funds. 

For Wan, the case marks a significant watershed for Bitcoin in China, where a blanket ban on trading it has been in place since September 2017. 

Continued ▶️⏯▶️

From my thinking, if one found to fund his own project and for his and the community's benefits, its enough transparent ever, else he (iMorpheus) help you and us all only if he see it's important.

Regarding TAU total supply, we only have 2.04 billion TAU as total supply, the 2.1 billion is confusing me and most of the users as seen from FAQs, pls remove this confusion

Tanzania / Re: Jibustishe na TAU: Msimu wa 4
« about: July 14, 2019, 04:00:40 PM »


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