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TAU Startups / Questions For Tau Start Up
« about: October 27, 2018, 07:39:26 AM »
Hi, I was looking over your start-up bounty and thought of some questions. I would like to help if I can, but we all still have to make a living right lol. Any who love the idea of POT..... GO Tau!!!!

What Type Of Start-Up Would Help Tau?
How Do I Get My Tau Start-Up Reward?
What Is The Value Of 1 Tau Coin?
How Do I Use The Start-Up Rewarded?
How Soon Does Start-Up Need To Be?
What Documents Are Required?
Do You Support The Start-Ups?
How Does Tau Profit From The Start-Ups?
What Are The Restrictions?
How Do I Profit From This?
Why Should I Start-Up With Tau?