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Infinite Block Tech offers you a white label bitcoin exchange software that will create a win-win for both the users and the exchange owner. The software is highly scalable and customizable allowing you to operate the exchange on your terms. The cutting-edge technology and bank-grade security will enable speedy, secure and seamless transactions of not just bitcoin, but all the major crypto and fiat currencies with multiple payment modes, which will make it efficient for the users, evoking their interest to stick to your platform, thereby increasing your volume of trades and profits.

Must-have Features
High capacity matching engine
Customer Management System (CMR)
Documentation Management
KYC/Verification System
Wallet Management System
Admin Panel
Branded UI/UX
Block Confirmation tracking
Ethereum Compatible

Extra Features
Pending transactions
Segwit implementation
Multi-point architecture
Firewall enabled security
Location-based KYC/AML verification
Highly integrable with other crypto exchanges
CES, being one of the pioneers in cryptocurrency exchange marketing services, consists of a team of domain experts who is well versed with the market trends. Our experts will devise an effective marketing plan to promote your exchange, implement advance strategies that fit the current market needs, proactively market, and analyze the customer response to further improve the strategies to ensure you not only get ahead, but remain ahead of the competition.
Take control of all your healthcare assets using a single, centralized software system. SmartAMS is a healthcare asset management software that enables you to track, transfer, service, allocate and dispose of assets at the click of a button. Optimize asset usage, audit inventory, receive asset-related notifications and more. Reach out to us to know more.
Manage funds efficiently using a Cryptocurrency exchange development platform exquisitely designed by Blockchain App Factory. Experience superior performance through API integration, multi-currency wallets and an exclusive admin panel. Convey your needs to our dedicated developer team and get customized solutions according to your operations. Get benefits such as reduced costs, improved efficiency and better security at one go.
General Discussion / How does Cryptocurrency exchange works?
« Last post by Mia Perla about Yesterday at 11:09:48 AM »
More than a decade after it was officially released, Crypto Exchanges are still running strong. With a rising interest in its development across the cryptocurrency community, it has become the spearhead of digital assets.

Let us understand how it works

The operations occur in an online platform where buyers and sellers trade Bitcoins with each other and exchange them for fiat currencies or other virtual assets.
Since centralized exchanges involve the intervention of authorities, decentralized platforms are emerging as an alternative as it allows peer to peer trading sans middlemen.
Centralized exchanges can track the transaction history of traders. All information is stored in private keys.
Decentralized exchanges do not track the traderís deals. Information is stored in public keys. 
There are two types of order involved, a Market order or a Limit order.
If a Market order is selected, it means the trader is permitting the exchange to trade his coins for the best available price in the online market.
If a Limit order is chosen, the trader allows the exchange to trade coins for a price below the current ask price or above the current bid price.
Coins can get transferred to the traderís account through bank transfer, debit cards, credit cards or Paypal after the deal gets settled.
Traders would have to incur different charges such as transaction fees, currency conversion fees and fund transfer expenses. They can reduce their spending if the exchange accepts their local currency.
The rates of digital assets would fluctuate based on the intensity of activity in the platform.
Crypto exchanges generally operate round the clock.

Grasp the above details thoroughly and venture into the profitable world of Cryptocurrency exchange development.

With superlative knowledge and experience in the field, Infinite Block Tech offers all-inclusive cryptocurrency exchange development services that is the best in the industry.
CES offers the perfect p2p bitcoin exchange with every element required to refine your business. The exchange comes with the most efficient, and simple registration process, anonymous BTC transactions, flexibility to deposit and withdraw various types of crypto, direct transactions in a quicker, easier, secure and seamless way with low transaction fees, customized and catered to individual needs etc. The exchange is also quick to launch and cost-effective.
Currency exchange / How can I become Bitcoin Exchange ?
« Last post by HarryJose about Yesterday at 10:30:22 AM »
As everyone says below first fix your Business Plans on Budgeting, Target Geo Location, Source for developing your Cryptocurrency exchange Software marketing team,legal team etc.,

So these are the things you need to finalise in the beginning, and if you don't have enough knowledge to judge or construct your game plan, please consult with blockchain investors/experts who already made a bench mark in the industry!
Only with their insights you can identify the basic need and the requirements which your venture demands for implementing to Live.
You should be aware of all in depth concepts which involve cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Get hire the best Bitcoin exchange Software Solution across the world with plenty of secured features of Margin trading, Crypto Wallet, KYC solutions, Payment gateway solutions etc., along with ready-made White label bitcoin exchange Software for instant Solutions at low Cost!.
Get live demo via: Whatsapp/telegram: +91 9500575285.
Services / Cryptocurrency businesses are thriving in the market, what is next?
« Last post by Anna Lisbeth about August 08, 2020, 01:22:52 PM »
Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, digital currencies backed by blockchain technology. Ever since their advent, cryptocurrencies have managed to be in the news headlines and are continuing to evolve in their own space. [Read Full Article Here]
An increase in the formation of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency exchange development services, speeWith dy transaction settlement has become a necessity in this fast-paced world. Customized platforms such as Zebpay have proved to be attractive to traders with the availability of a wide variety of digital assets, multi-device compatibility, and a global network. It also provides different trading pairs to maximise return on investment and renders real-time data analysis.

The cost of developing a reliable exchange such as Zebpay would be around $21000 as quoted by reputed ICO development companies.

Some steps to follow before creating a Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency exchange themed like Zebpay are

Buy operating licences by liaising with the relevant authorities.

Conduct KYC (Know Your Customer) verification and comply with AML (Anti-Money laundering) guidelines to prevent frauds.

Team up with a payment solution provider for executing trades seamlessly.

Develop a dedicated customer base by offering attractive market-friendly solutions.

Invest in top-notch security measures such as two-factor authentication and encryption to safeguard userís data.

Render round-the-clock technical support to resolve userís queries quickly.

Since establishing an exchange from scratch requires huge investments in time and money, it is ideal to hire a company that provides state-of-the-art Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchange development services for a better reach.
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