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ICO ANN / [ANN] [ANN][WICC] WaykiChain Successfully Listed on Bittrex Global
« Last post by icesaiah about Today at 04:46:25 AM »

On Februray 26, 2020, 1AM CET (UTC+1)/ Feb 25, 16PM PST(UTC-8)/ Feb 26, 8AM SGT (UTC+8), WaykiChain (WICC) is listed on Bittrex Global. The following trading pairs will be available: WICC/BTC and WICC/USDT.

About Bittrex Global

Bittrex Global is an international cryptocurrency exchange based in Liechtenstein, Europe established by US-based blockchain platform Bittrex. Bittrex was nominated as one of the most transparent exchanges, praised for reporting accurate trading volume by the Blockchain Transparency Institute (BTI) in September 2019. It is one of the internet’s largest and most active cryptocurrency exchange, managing to attract millions of digital currencies traders from around the world, to its marketplace.

About WaykiChain:

WaykiChain is a world’s leading blockchain company focused on blockchain’s underlying technology and related Defi ecosystem technology. WaykiChain owns an industry-leading public with high-performance transaction processing capabilities (TPS3300), efficient mechanism of consensus (DPoS + pBFT), and powerful smart contract and a world-leading Defi ecosystem. Until now, WaykiChain has developed nearly 20 countries communities which include America, Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Dubai, Turkey and South Korea. And more than 30 WaykiChain Global ambassadors have become WaykiChian’s solid foundation for developing overseas market.

WICC is the fuel for WaykiChain ecosystem, similar to gas on Ethereum. WICC is also used as collateral for the generation of WUSD. Now users can invest HK/US Pre-IPO by using WUSD as their payment, which is provided by Huatong Security

If you want to know more details about WaykiChain, please visit:
WaykiChain website: https://www.waykichain.com/
WaykiChain Twitter: @wayki_chain
Telegram: http://wicc.me/1

ICO ANN / [ANN] Whitelabel ICO Platform
« Last post by noraparsonn about Today at 10:36:03 AM »
Developing your own, proprietary ICO platform from the ground up is a time consuming and expensive process. This is where Whitelabel ICO solutions step in. A white label ICO platform enables you to develop your own ICO upon an existing base, which is fully customizable and scalable. Whitelabel solutions are the best alternative to developing your own platform from scratch.
ICO ANN / Re: [IEO] Coming Soon on Cryptoknowmics.io
« Last post by Alexane johnson about Today at 05:51:50 AM »
Asheesh Birla Cites Ripple MoneyGram Developing New Infrastructure Together

MoneyGram, a fund transfer service, has been actively developing fresh corridors. Asheesh Birla, SVP of Product and Corporate Development for Ripple, cited that the two firms were operating jointly to develop something big this year.

A Plan To Develop New Infrastructure
Birla cited MoneyGram and Ripple were developing new infrastructure to improve their remittance operation across the globe. Birla insisted the combined effort of the two firms has always been very high, continuing that the development of the market required loads of work.

In the next statement, Birla cited that MoneyGram even operated on RippleNet integration for A2A transfers this year.

This action was mainly associated with the ODL's ability to decrease capital costs. Simultaneously, payment would not be notably high for the third parties. Furthermore, according to a recent press release from MoneyGram, the firm viewed Ripple as its future partner. As mentioned by the organization's representatives, the parties worked on developing strategic alliance all the time.

ICO ANN / [ANN] [ANN] [Bounty] inSure System - Protect Your Crypto Portfolio from Scams
« Last post by icesaiah about February 26, 2020, 07:45:52 AM »

  Insure System – Infinity Project 
  inSure Your Crypto Portfolio 
  We established this system to protect you from the scams and drastic devaluation of your crypto portfolio 

What we do
Offering the Best Insurance for the Crypto Portfolios
We were tired of seeing people being scammed and having their hard-earned money disappear. Our solution will protect your portfolio from scammers and unexpected losses.
We provide different plans that very clear and simple to understand.

 Our mission
Protect Crypto Investors from Scammers & Devaluations
The first idea behind this project is to get rid of the situations where our fellow investors lose their money completely.
We are here to provide stability to the crypto world and protect people from their mistakes and from fraudulent activities of others.

 Our goal

Help as Many Investors & Traders as Possible
We don't want our fellow investors & traders to end-up in a situation where they lose most of the crypto portfolio because of unexpected causes.
Helping other people is very important to us. We are willing to establish a 24/7 support system to help as many people as possible.

 How it works

Acquire SURE tokens
In order to ensure your crypto portfolio, you simply need to purchase/acquire SURE tokens from available exchanges.
Insurance will become effective immediately when SURE tokens are placed into the wallet.
Please refrain from storing your SURE tokens in the exchanges. In order to process the request, we will require you to sign the request with your wallet.
Submit Request
If your portfolio was affected by scam, drastic devaluation or stolen funds (exchange closure) we will be happy to reimburse your losses based on the plan chosen by you.
If you were unlucky and was affected by one of three reasons mentioned above, please feel free send us an email request to request to request@insuretoken.net
1. Name of the crypto coin/token
2. Your Affected wallet address
3. Date of the accident
4. Your wallet address that holds SURE tokens
5. Additional information to take into account
6. Sign the following message with your myEtherWallet (that holds SURE tokens): "I am the holder of SURE tokens requesting inSure team to process my request: {include_all_points_from_1_to_5}"
Please give us 3-4 business days to process your request (we will investigate the issue and provide the best solution)

 Receive Payment
We will process your request with diligence and will initiate a transfer of SURE tokens in the amount of insured value based on the plan chosen by you.
We will be placing the BUY order for SURE tokens and will notify you that you can exchange SURE tokens for ETH or BTC.
You are not forced to sell your SURE tokens, instead, you can sell later to other investors who need insurance of their Crypto Portfolio or will keep the token as an investment.

  Roadmap 2019/2020 
This is the Roadmap to make inSure System the First and the Best crypto portfolio insurance platform in the world.

The easy and convenient way to make transactions from any ERC20 compatible desktop wallets.

ADD EXCHANGES 2019 Q4 - 2020 Q1

In order to increase the liquidity of the token and enable this token as value storage, we will add SURE to other exchanges.

We see a healthy growing community as the basis to support and spread the word about inSure System.

Now you can make rapid transactions on the go by using your mobile device wallets.

 24/7 SUPPORT SYSTEM - 2020 Q1
We are working on hiring personal that will be responsible for 24/7 customer support.

We are building a platform to automate the requests & payments.

inSure system is planning to have other packages and plans in the nearest future.

We are planning to open a mutual fund that will allow SURE holders to benefit from our system.

Decentralization of the inSure System is the key to Infinity Project.

  Insurance plans 

  10 000 SURE - Coverage for 1 year
inSurance covers up to $2 000 from
•   Scammers 80%
•   Devaluation 70%
•   Stolen Funds 50%
•   Be Protected from Fraudulent Activities
30 000 SURE - Coverage for 1.2 year
inSurance covers up to $6 000 from
•   Scammers 85%
•   Devaluation 80%
•   Stolen Funds 55%
•   Be Protected from Fraudulent Activities

  80 000 SURE - Coverage for 1.5 year
inSurance covers up to $18 000 from
•   Scammers 90%
•   Devaluation 85%
•   Stolen Funds 65%
•   Be Protected from Fraudulent Activities

  150 000 SURE - Coverage for 2 years
inSurance covers up to $40 000 from
•   Scammers 100%
•   Devaluation 90%
•   Stolen Funds 75%
•   Be Protected from Fraudulent Activities

  Your Questions About Insurance Plans 
Here are the most frequently asked questions from our community members

How do I insure my Crypto Portfolio?
You can easily insure your crypto portfolio by simply buying SURE tokens. Please choose one of the plans that suit your expectations the best. Please make sure that the address of the token is: 0xb5a4ac5b04e777230ba3381195eff6a60c3934f2

Can I buy SURE tokens from someone else?
The convenience of usage of inSure System is anyone can buy/sell SURE tokens. That means anyone can become reseller of insurance plans. Please use official exchanges to trade SURE tokens.

Can I buy SURE tokens after my Crypto Portfolio was affected and still be insured from previous losses?
Insurance will become effective only after acquiring SURE tokens and holding them on your account. Please make sure you are already using one of our plans before doing any risky investments.

I am the holder of SURE tokens, how do I get reimbursed for my losses?
To receive payment from inSure System, we ask the user to sign the request for investigation first. The whole process is described in "How it works" section of the Home page. When the investigation is completed on our side and decision made to reimburse your losses, we will send you SURE tokens in the amount of the insured value.

Can I invest my money in SURE tokens?
Yes, you are allowed to hold and resell SURE tokens. During holding period of the SURE tokens you fully insured based on the applicable plan. Since the value of the SURE token fluctuates, by trading SURE token you can increase value of your crypto portfolio.

What do I do with SURE tokens after my insurance is terminated?
You are allowed to sell your SURE tokens on the exchanges. You can also add previously owned SURE tokens into a new plan. In order to be insured for the next term, you will need to purchase a new plan or upgrade your previous plan by adding more SURE tokens. Please see the available plans above.

How to add inSure token to your wallet?
It's pretty simple...

inSure token can be easily added to any ERC20 compatible wallets. Simply copy the information below: token address and symbol to the custom token tab. We believe everything has to be easy!
Contract Information
Contract address 0xf5f90a3904f24255caa42f532689f7969ab6c514
Symbol SURE
Decimals 18

Total Supply 88 000000000 SURE tokens.

  Sign Up For inSurance Plan Today!

The bounty program  
1 000 000 SURE have been allocated for the bounty program.

inSure Articles Bounty, 100 -2500 SURE

Only posts on Reddit, Steemit, personal blogs and authority sites (Cointelegraph, Coindesk etc) will be accepted.


- The article has to be very high-quality written.
- Your article must be unique. It can not be a copied and pasted article.
- It must be written in English.
- It has to be published publicly. Private articles won't be accepted.
- It must be 500 words long or more.
- It must have a link to our website: https://insuretoken.net


1) Low impact: 500 SURE
2) Moderate impact: 1000 SURE
3) High impact: 2500 SURE

How to submit work
1) Follow Twitter: https://twitter.com/insuretoken
2) Send the link to the article to info@insuretoken.net
3) Attach your ETH address to receive SURE tokens

YouTube Bounty

In the YouTube task, bounty hunters will be rewarded for making videos about inSure System

Some ideas

- What is inSure System and what is the SURE token used for
- How people, companies, and start-ups benefit from inSure System
- Role of the insurance in the crypto world

At the end of the campaign, we will check how many views the video had and will reward its maker accordingly.


1) 50 - 500 views: 100 SURE
2) 500 - 1000 views: 500 SURE
3) 1000 - 2500 views: 700 SURE
4) +2500 views: 1500 SURE

How to submit work

1) Follow Twitter: https://twitter.com/insuretoken
2) Send the link to the youtube video to info@insuretoken.net
3) Attach your ETH  address to receive SURE tokens

Reddit Bounty
In the Reddit bounty, contributors are rewarded for the post on Reddit about inSure System. In order to be eligible for the reward, you need to write Reddit comment with a link to the official website: https://insuretoken.net


1) +150 likes on your post About inSure System: 500 SURE

How to submit work

1) Follow Twitter: https://twitter.com/insuretoken
2) Send the link to the youtube video to info@insuretoken.net
3) Attach your ETH address to receive SURE tokens

ICO ANN / Re: [IEO] Coming Soon on Cryptoknowmics.io
« Last post by Alexane johnson about February 25, 2020, 05:49:32 AM »
Bitcoin SV's bearish drop begins, a stop at 5% or 7% is the question

Cryptocurrencies often aim to be decentralized, however, Bitcoin SV's creator, Craig Wright, doesn't seem to care about it. Or at least it doesn't apply in this particular case since Wright warned people using BSV for illegal activities.

Additionally, Wright has also informed of the legal consequences that BTC and other copies of the Bitcoin blockchain in his recent blog. He stated:

"Those involved with the copied systems that are passing themselves off as Bitcoin, namely BTC or CoreCoin and BCH or BCash, are hereby put on notice. Please trust me when I say that I’m far nicer before the lawyers get involved."Regardless of the lawsuits, the price of BSV has been on a collapse since $301 to its current standing at $283, a 6% drop in 14 hours. More is yet to be unleashed by the bears as indicated by technical analysis.

-->BSV's creator threatens BTC, BCH, and other Bitcoin copies with legal action.

-->The price of BSV declined by 6% in the last 15 hours and more decline seems to be underway.

ICO ANN / Re: [IEO] Coming Soon on Cryptoknowmics.io
« Last post by Alexane johnson about February 24, 2020, 07:18:48 AM »
Pure Speculative Trading is the Driving Factor for Major Crypto Bull Runs

Market pundit believes speculative trading is the driving factor in the evaluation of growth for crypto assets.  Bleakley Advisory Group CIO Peter Boockvar stated that pure speculative trading influences growth for the majority of high-end stocks. This situation is despite the market undergoing a late-cycle and has become a major factor in the recent cryptocurrency bull run.

ICO ANN / Re: [IEO] Coming Soon on Cryptoknowmics.io
« Last post by Alexane johnson about February 22, 2020, 12:17:49 PM »
Chainalysis And Coinfield Inks Deal To Monitor AML Compliance

The blockchain analysis company, Chainalysis, collaborated with Coinfield, on February 20, 2020, so that the cryptocurrency exchange (Coinfield) could use its KYT (Know-Your-Transaction) technology to deal with anti-money laundering activities.

The software could detect illicit activities in real-time across multiple cryptocurrencies which include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, etc. and would prevent them from it (illicit activities). As per the reports, the Coinfield would also use Chainalysis Reactor to investigate suspicious activity.

During the announcement, the Chief Revenue Officer of Chainanlysis, Jason Bonds said,
“We both believe compliance is critical to the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency, and we look forward to partnering with CoinField to promote the safe use of cryptocurrencies globally.”

ICO ANN / Re: [ANN] The AMZ Coin ICO goal is to support several projects!
« Last post by icesaiah about February 22, 2020, 10:27:47 AM »
We have already proved that the idea of ​​having a lot of money to invest in the cryptoworld is a myth.

You don't need to invest millions of euros in being a successful investor.

Investing in the right cryptocoin is the right act.


ICO ANN / Re: [ANN] MTCore - Welcome to the Democratic Cryptocurrency
« Last post by icesaiah about February 22, 2020, 09:37:55 AM »
Software + BIDs have a discount during the Pre-launch campaign to benefit the first users that acquire the MTCore technology. Learn more on the website: https://mtcore.io/en/produtos

What's happening at https://newscrypto.io/?

•Testing new indicators (coming soon)
•Website make over
•Discussing new NWC listing
•Community Predictions redesign
•Optimizing platform for 5 more languages

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