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TAU ANN / Latest Coding Update!
« Last post by BlackJack on December 11, 2018, 04:35:32 PM »
Weekly tech call sum-coding is going as planned and public in the GitHub, 1kb is the limit of block rather than block transactions volume, future genesis block only records android wallet address and power not web wallet. fast payment, android and cold wallet are discussed.

TAU ANN / Every wallet is a full miner — A novel crypto experiment
« Last post by BlackJack on December 11, 2018, 04:33:10 PM »
While crypto currency community pursuing a decentralized network, greediness is constantly attracting projects to build big mining pool or delegated nodes. These will certainly help features such as speed and smart contract, but at cost of decentralization.

To address the mission of decentralization and in the spirit of science exploration, we propose a plan to permissionless allow every mobile wallet to be a full miner. The benefit of equalizing wallet to miner is to enable millions of phones to collectively secure transactions and earn fees that every developing country person with a phone can afford.

However, difficulties come from computing power and bandwidth limits of mobile device and internet latency that potentially causing data inconsistency.

The framework of solution and trade-off is: using “proof of transaction” protocol as base settlement layer to remove computing burden, reducing blocksize to 1KB per minute to allow global millions of nodes synchronized on time, and relying on community to create second layer payment applications to bring back the transaction speed.

Upon success of the plan, individual with a phone willing to consume 1.2Mbyte data per day can be a blockchain miner making fees. The more transactions history and wallets (miners), the blockchain will become more secure. The stronger coin holders community, the more second layer payment projects will appear, so that to achieve higher speed of currency flow.

TAU ANN / How to push "decentralization" beyond limit?
« Last post by BlackJack on December 07, 2018, 02:45:08 PM »
Tu push decentralization beyond limit, we propose the ff;
1. 1kb per minute to make light on mobile mining
2. Fast speed on centralized web (wallet)
3. Decentralizing the mainnet (mobile mining)
4. Balance the DCS triangle.

TAU ANN / Decentralizing is the key in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
« Last post by BlackJack on December 07, 2018, 02:40:49 PM »
we realize more and more "decentralizing" is the key in the blockchain and crypto through recent market reflection. therefore, we need to make mobile mining upmost importance and best user experiences.
To allow every phone be able to mine smoothly, I will propose to dev to reduce block size to 1kb per minute to make light on mobile ming. that you do not have to worry bandwidth and data storage.
during the same time, we will change web wallet to fee less fast payment platform.
with super decentrazlizing on the mainnet, and fast speed on centralized web wallet, we make DCS "decetral- consensus-scaling" triangle balanced.
1KB/minute is bold move, we can expect community to fork out to high block size in the future if truly needed. I believe there are enough drivers to fork up to high block size. Now we need to make decentralized technology work first, which is largely missing in the industry.
TAU ANN / Latest Update - TAU Tech Call Summary
« Last post by BlackJack on December 03, 2018, 07:26:58 PM »
TAU Tech Call Summary

- to remove email/password in android wallet
- web wallet api system
- replace QR code with plain address text
- multiple private key support in wallet

Read the details here and please follow Mr. David Wu's twitter:
TAU ANN / Weekly Update - Desember 1st
« Last post by BlackJack on December 03, 2018, 07:23:39 PM »
December 1st 'Weekly Update'

- Mobile wallet "SEND" function enabled
- Mobile net testing started
- We currently have 20 miners on PC
- New developer

The cold weather of crypto bring everyone back to home to focus on building the strength than advertisement, i think that is good and blessing for the future.

Please read the full details by clicking the link
TAU ANN / Latest update new version of android wallet in google playstore
« Last post by BlackJack on December 03, 2018, 07:21:22 PM »
Good News TAUnation!!

We have successfully upgraded a new version of android wallet in google playstore.
You can now safely update your apps.

NOTE: EVERYONE is ADVISED to  make a BACK-UP and save  their PRIVATE KEYS first for safety purposes.
We see significant volatility this month, at writing, BTC is $3,716. Why does crypto asset suffer from volatility all the time? Assuming it is not fault of consumers, it has to be error in design.

Protocol designer tends to put multiple benefits into one powerful chain such as peer-to-peer payment, coin-base reward, ERC20 contract or ring signatures, and the list can go long. Each one of these functions is good at its own value and essential in many applications. However, putting them all together in single coin seems to be crowded.

Let’s analyse two functions coexist on one chain such as BTC. Miners will receive both transaction fee and coin-base reward, that is when successfully producing a block, a garanteed 25 bitcoins are rewarded. Each function has its own supply and demand ecosystem. For example, in order to receive coin-base block reward, you need to compete by paying for physical resources; on the other side, in order to support peer to peer payment and receive transaction fee from users, you need to mine the block as well. But the two valuation system is different to cause conflict or discrimination. Connecting them together was thought as a smart design, but now coin-base reward is significantly more weighted than transaction fee, which brings the cost of transaction is too high to maintain and keep popular. In BCH case, it does not even care whether there are transactions in the big block at all. Simple math shows that each block cost $100K to produce, one block can support 2000 transactions, that is $50 per wiring as total cost from the bitcoin community. Now doing mining is to play the coin-base reward and ignore the transaction fee market. BTC is designed to provide peer-to-peer trust-less payment, not competing reward. It is jammed by reward hunter, such as bitmain, than payment provider. This is not anyone’s fault but the result of design TWO utilities in one blockchain, so the volatility is borned to reflect the competion of resources from two markets.

The same argument exists in ETH as well. ERC 20-ICO market is much stronger than the coin-base reward and p2p payment. This makes ETH price too high to support its origin goal as a global computer.

My proposition is that pure blockchain design should only have single primary utility, either p2p payment, ICO, anonymous or speed. If you put two utilities into one protocol, a competition between two utility markets born which will eventually cause endless volatility. BTC need 20 more years to settle this internal battle according to the protocol, but it does win short term public attention by doing mining reward. Without mining reward, BTC might require longer time to gain recognition. Based on the experimental result from BTC and ETH, Taucoin is designed to reward miners transaction fee only and support single function, that is permission-less decentralized peer to peer payment.

ICO ANN / TopInvestmentCoin (TICO) ICO
« Last post by ThePawitans on November 30, 2018, 12:57:40 AM »
TopInvestmentCoin (TICO) ICO

TopInvestmentCoin is designed to implement an Ethereum blockchain-based token to execute a decentralized investment in a digital currency called TICO.

The project is a proposed system that uses the blockchain technology and leverages smart contract techniques using Ethereum’s core innovation including security and immutability.

With TopInvestmentCoin you will have access to marketplace to ask & bid, including the investment platform which earns you 3% interest monthly income for every investor.



Token Name : Topinvestmentcoin
Symbol : TICO
Platform : Ethereum
Standard : ERC20
Total Supply : 200,000,000 tokens
Total For Sale : 40,000,000 tokens

Ethereum Contract Adress :



The ICO will be hosted by a wellknown Exchange Market.
Date : December 1, 2018 to January 26, 2019.

Available tokens for sale: 40 M tokens.
ICO Price: 0.004 - 0.02 USD
Soft Cap: 210,000 USD
Hard Cap: 380,000 USD
Acceptable Currency: BTC, ETH.

TICO is listed on:

✅ FoundICO
✅ ICOHolder
✅ Coindelite
✅ Track ICO
✅ Coingecko

More information about the ICO please check our official website:

Social Media

Telegram Group:




500 TICO Airdrop

The Airdrop is still ongoing until January 1, 2019.

Airdrop's distribution will be started once the ICO end.

Join the Airdrop by doing simple tasks. And get more tokens by inviting your referrals.

Airdrop link:

Referral Telegram User: @altcoinskyID


TICO ICO is officially supported by AltcoinSky ID.

Twitter :

TeleChannel :
ICO ANN / Re: X-CASH - Global Payments | Cryptonight v8 | Fast.Secured.Low-cost.
« Last post by BlackJack on November 26, 2018, 02:26:02 PM »
Thanks for your information. before making a post, you should read the rules in this section.

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