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TAU ANN / Re: TAUcoin Super Airdrop
« Last post by Ruoimuoi about 2 days ago »
When will the time limit airdrop? ;D
Wow, you have a very high rating on ICObench - 4.9 points - https://icobench.com/ico/assetstream! I think this will help you a lot in attracting investors! Good luck, guys!
Forum ANN / [ANN] Multiple Accounts will be banned by system automatically.
« Last post by Admin about 3 weeks ago »
Hello Dear Community,
Currently, we are facing multiple accounts spamming problem.  Due to many reasons in the system and manipulation, We will not accept multiple accounts anymore.

What problems will be solved by this?

- Will reduce spamming in the forum.
- A bounty manager could run fair bounty campaign.
- Could not manipulate in the forum credit system.
- Could not manipulate voting.
- Could not try to do cheating.

So, overall we will have an authentic community to continue with all fair activity.


TAU ANN / [ANN] TAUcoin Super Airdrop
« Last post by Kriptolab about 3 weeks ago »
Protect you from currency inflation and control

Dear Community,

This is the first time in the world True Asset Unit (TAU) coin allows every Android wallet user to be a mobile miner and in a perversive way, earn and spend their coins without a middleman by connecting Address-to-Address network to the TAUcoin blockchain. The management offers 10m TAUT coins to be shared to all enthusiasts in the globe as the grand opening of our main net on 25th May 2019.

🎁 Rewards
- Each one will get 1000 tau as airdrop reward.

Bitcoin core devs are about to improve anonymity in next forks. I wish any crypto will be totally anonymous so we wonít need any additional services to keep our funds safe. But until then we have to use mixers and tumblers
Will try it once or twice for now
Some other bitcoin mixers have lower fees but if you guarantee anonymity at the best level it worth to pay the fees.
A lot of competition out there. Are you ready to compete with Chipmixer.com, Bestmixer.io, Bitcoinmix.org, Bitblender.io? I wish your service will be in one line with them. Letís see...
few advices:
- create onion based website version
- add letter of guarantee
- add option for multiple withdraw addresses
- add new ideas!

Good luck
Need new ideas guys. Keep working on. The demand is growing. Users need better privacy and more trusted options.
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