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Referrals / sites make money
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Test / Re: TEST
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Test / TEST
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Referrals / Airdrop Pukkamex Token - Sign up and get 2.5$ PUX
« Last post by jonipram about March 21, 2019, 09:11:39 AM »
Pukkamex is a crypto derivative high leverage trading platform that shares its revenue with its user base and token holders.

Pukkamex is airdropping 50 PUX to new users. Create an account at Pukkamex to receive the tokens. You will also get an equal share of an extra 1,000,000 PUX tokens. Also get 100 PUX for every referral and an extra share from the extra 1,000,000 PUX tokens.

Step-by-Step Guide:
1. Visit the website Pukkamex Token https://referral.pukkamex.com/signup/myt53DHaa.
2. Submit your details and signup.
3. Verify your mail and log in.
4. You will get 50 PUX tokens.
5. Also get 100 PUX for every referral and an extra share from the extra 1,000,000 PUX tokens for every referral.
« Last post by Enzo05 about November 23, 2018, 02:47:47 PM »
CoinGecko & EOSPark are Giving Away 100 EOS to 25 Lucky Winners!

So everybody like giveaways and if your lucky enough to be selected as one of the winners then congratulations ! This is run by coingecko similar to coinmarketcap and EOSPark for EOS community to track/search transaction/account or even tokens under EOS platform .

Their giveaway will be done using gleam.io ( Please refer to the image below . )

You can earn entries in 10 ways .

One of the best thing to earn is to refer your friends which gives you 10 entries per referral so join now and get 1 of those 25 spots . :wink:

Please go to :  https://wn.nr/Rwgyk5 to proceed .

Thanks guys and Happy Earning ! 
Referrals / 🔊✔Free 2 $ Latium & 2 $ for each referral 😮💥
« Last post by Slimanssen about November 03, 2018, 12:21:38 PM »
✔ Gain $ 2 from a directly retractable digital currency
And $ 2 on each assignment
The only requirement is to activate your account ( Go to get verified section )

Please click here http://bit.ly/2PGhDXu

you thank me a lot guys 😊
Referrals / Re: [AIRDROP] GPTCash A Cryptocurrency for the GPT Industry 30 Weeks Airdrop
« Last post by Boiy about November 02, 2018, 06:04:04 AM »
I think this is not airdrop, I called it signature campaign. Just like Onion coin in the past. Any way , thank you for share this.
Referrals / [AIRDROP] GPTCash A Cryptocurrency for the GPT Industry 30 Weeks Airdrop
« Last post by BitcoinMee about November 02, 2018, 03:58:54 AM »

What is GPTCash
GPTCash is a community cryptocurrency project and envisioned itself as one of the major payment currency in the GPT Industry. Our GPT platform will enable employers, advertisers and different companies to outsource job and manpower for more efficient and cost-effective way to complete their needs. GPT Industry is a billion dollar industry and many work at home people are turning to GPT Platform to earn extra money online.

Unlike Other Cryptocurrency Project we are not promising fancy blockchain technology but a real use case by creating a real ecosystem and market behind GPTCash as a online currency for payment of goods and services.

Airdroptalkforum Introduction
Airdroptalkforum is our native cryptocurrency community forum. GPTCash Airdrop will fuel the growth of airdroptalkforum as a community forum. Forum Features includes Forum Chatbox, In-House Forum Currency, Lotto, Bank System,contest to name a few. Join Airdroptalkforum a be a pioneer members of our new community forum startup.

Coin Specification
Algorithm - Scrypt
Type Proof of Stake
Coin name - GPTCash
Coin Ticker - GPTC
POS Rewards - 10% Annually
Min Stake age - 8 hours
Max Stake age - Unlimited
Coinbase Maturity - 20 Blocks
RPC port - 43036
P2P port - 43035
Coin supply - 100,200,000 coins
Premine - 40,200,000 coins

Premine Allocation
Airdrop: 30,000,000
Mini Sale: 3,000,000
Development Fund: 3,000,000
Founders Rewards: 1,500,000 (500k will be unlock after the airdrop)
The remaining 1M will slowly release 3 months after the airdrop on a monthly basis (10%) for 10 months
Bounty & Marketing: 1,500,000
Forum Giveaways: 200,000
Network: 1,000,000 (All Stake Rewards will be use for Giveaways)
Use only for Network Security and Stability. After AD10 Community will decide what to do with the coin.

30 Rounds of Community Airdrop Project
Total Airdrop Allotment
30,000,000 GPTCash Coin
Total Airdrop Rounds
30 Weeks + 12 Months Exclusive Airdrop

How to Participate?
1. To participate you must register in the Airdroptalkforum
2. To received the airdrop, download the GPTCash wallet here
3. After having your wallet address, fill up the form to participate in weekly airdrop here
4. AirdropTalkForum requires 10 post to qualify for the airdrop
5. 80% Holding Requirements to qualify for the airdrop.
6. Distribution 1 User = 1 Stake, Equal Distribution.

Anti-Cheating, Abuse and Multiple Accounts
1. Registration Using VPN,TOR,Proxy is allowed but user that register using those methods will NOT QUALIFY for the airdrop.
2. Use your normal house internet connection or mobile data to register for the weekly airdrop.
3. Sharing IP within your household is OK!! but only 1 user can qualify for the airdrop. (1 Family = 1 Airdrop Qualification Only)
4. We have BOT and Manual Checking in place to prevent cheating and abuse from the airdrop.

Useful Links
GPTCash Website https://gptcash.online/
Airdroptalkforum https://airdroptalkforum.com/index.php?r=69
GPTCash Twitter https://twitter.com/gptcashcoin
GPTCash Wallet https://github.com/GPTCash/GPTCash/releases
Bitcointalk Ann https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5050025
« Last post by Enzo05 about October 27, 2018, 10:53:50 PM »
"Looking for legit airdrop ? Well crypto soul is here to give you terrific airdrop ! ;)  "





What is crypto soul ?

It is a free-to-play online survival game. The player gets tokens for battle achievements, which are valuable in the real world.







Why participate in crypto soul airdrop ?

- It's already in coinmarketcap but it will have ICO in late November 2018 . 




How to join ?

1. Register under my link : https://cryptosoul.io/ref/26773

2. Simply follow task as shown in the image below .



3. Verifying your identity gives you more stakes and inviting your friend will give you 30 stakes/points (referral must be verified ) .