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Spam / Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months
« Last post by Aldiansyah on December 15, 2018, 07:50:04 PM »
Taucoin real project dezentralized and mobile mining
Spam / I sell my tau token
« Last post by paneshbd on November 25, 2018, 01:08:23 PM »
Anybody buy taucoin contract me.
I sell taucoin amount =20619 tau .
« Last post by Enzo05 on November 23, 2018, 02:47:47 PM »
CoinGecko & EOSPark are Giving Away 100 EOS to 25 Lucky Winners!

So everybody like giveaways and if your lucky enough to be selected as one of the winners then congratulations ! This is run by coingecko similar to coinmarketcap and EOSPark for EOS community to track/search transaction/account or even tokens under EOS platform .

Their giveaway will be done using ( Please refer to the image below . )

You can earn entries in 10 ways .

One of the best thing to earn is to refer your friends which gives you 10 entries per referral so join now and get 1 of those 25 spots . :wink:

Please go to : to proceed .

Thanks guys and Happy Earning ! 
« Last post by BitcoinMee on November 15, 2018, 07:42:03 AM »

CURES Token - Official Airdrop
Get more than $30 with a few simple steps

You've reached the official CURESToken airdrop with 100% guaranteed token rewards. Take part with the following tasks and become part of the upcoming healthcare revolution while monetizing your efforts.

Remember to return every 24 hours for the daily tasks that would grant you additional rewards.

Airdrop Token Price:
1 CRS = 0.001 ETH

A total of 3 000 000 CRS will be distributed on this stage of the airdrop.
The airdrop will end once all the CRS set for this stage have found their owners.
Tokens will be given away after the end of the ICO - for more information check our website.
To learn how many CRS (entries) you have - check the top left section of the airdrop page.

*Telegram Members should remain such until the tokens are given away.
* Instagram Followers should remain such until the tokens are given away.
*CURES Token remains the right to disqualify participants and reject inappropriate comments.

11 Ways to Enter

1. Join the Community
2. Take part in the conversation
3. Follow CURES Token Instagram
4. Follow on Twitter
5. Retweet @CuresToken on Twitter
6. Follow CURES Token on LinkedIn
7. Share CURES Token with LinkedIn
8. Bonus entry for our subscribers
9. Comment our video
10. Sign up for our Newsletter
11. Refer Friends For Extra Entries

Register Here:

Useful Links
« Last post by BitcoinMee on November 12, 2018, 01:55:07 PM »

SuchApp is proud to announce its official Referral Program! Earn SP tokens by spreading the word about our incredible app which has just launched in both the App Store and the Google Play Store!

This revolutionary system allows you to participate interactively and earn entries for every new user that you invite to download Suchapp on their phones.

Once you signup you'll be assigned your own personal referral link. This handy link is your ticket to mountains of free SPS tokens!


Every entry that you earn in this contest is equivalent to a stake in the specific pool of tokens!

Here's how you can earn entries:

1. Download Suchapp from either the App Store or the Google Play Store - 10,000 stakes
2. Invite your friends (10 of them) to download the app - 5000 stakes
3. Open a public group on Suchapp of your choice and get 50 people to join it. - 5000 stakes
4. Follow us on Twitter - 250 stakes
5. Like us on Facebook - 250 stakes
6. Follow us on Instagram - 250 stakes
7. Join our Suchapp Public Group within the app - 500 Stakes
8. Join the "Blockchain" Public Group within the app - 500 Stakes
9. Join the "Cryptocurrency" Public Group within the app - 500 Stakes
10. Share your personal referral link - for every person who signs up through your link you get 1000 stakes

Remember... Don't try to game the system. It will not work. We audit every single action performed by every participant. If you try to game the system you will be disqualified. We reserve the right to disqualify cheaters at any given point throughout the contest.

Sign up for our contest now and get rewarded!
Sign up Here:

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Spam / Re: Nigeria Meetup Idea
« Last post by bmath on November 12, 2018, 07:54:08 AM »
 Bravo Nigeria~
« Last post by BitcoinMee on November 05, 2018, 03:34:43 AM »

Staker Airdrop Referral Rewards

Staker Token is the Next Proof-of-Stake Smart Contract Token on Ethereum platform. Itís based on the ERC20 Token Standard and implements all standard methods. As an Ethereum token, Staker first implements the Proof-of-Stake mechanism, meaning that holders of Staker Token can earn some extra tokens just by holding Staker Token for a period of time, greater than or equal to The Minimum Coin Age.

Staker Special Airdrop Round #21 Requirements

Estimated Value: up to ~$1,000

Step-by-Step Guide:
Follow a referral link provide by your friend or get started at Staker Airdrop Portal
You need to follow a few easy steps which include providing your Staker Forum Profile, ERC20 compatible ETH address & Twitter

1. Signup to Staker Airdrop Portal
2. Enter ERC20 wallet
3. Enter your Staker Forum username
4. Follow on Twitter

Please fill in the required fields and follow the instructions to activate your account. The airdrop is not limited to certain amount participants and will not accept multiple accounts by same user. Each week there will be a separate airdrop round and each airdrop round consist with a 40000-30000 STR airdrop allocation. Joining our community will keep you updated with all events and progress of projects along with the Staker airdrops.

Useful Link
Staker Forum
Spam / 🔊✔ Free 2$ Latium & 2$ For each refferal 😍😱🤑
« Last post by Slimanssen on November 03, 2018, 12:27:44 PM »
Great Airdrop 😱🤑💥
✔ Gain $ 2 from a directly retractable digital currency (instant withdraw 🤑😱 ) on yobit  exchanger
And $ 2 on each assignment 😍😎
The only requirement is to activate your account
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Spam / 🔊✔Free 2$ Latium & 2$ for each referral (instant withdraw)😱😍💥
« Last post by Slimanssen on November 03, 2018, 12:25:32 PM »
✔ Gain $ 2 from a directly retractable digital currency  :D ;)
And $ 2 on each assignment  ::) 8) :o
The only requirement is to activate your account

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Spam / ✔🔊Free 2$ latium& 2 $ for each referral😱😍💥
« Last post by Slimanssen on November 03, 2018, 12:23:41 PM »
✔ Gain $ 2 from a directly retractable digital currency
And $ 2 on each assignment
The only requirement is to activate your account (go to Get virified section )
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