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I hope dev can add an active total power statistic during the mining process, in my opinion it's better than displaying power ratings that can make new users who don't understand the POT system feel less interested in mining and also as an illustration for miners to do mining. because we see today there are 400k power (tX) and miners only see statistics on miners with the highest power so there is no clear picture during the mining process
I agree that we will add more detail into presenting pot and mining process in the next version.
Since mainnet launched  now  its one month of   success and we are  happy we have more updates  to mobile mining app within this month.

I can say there is big different between versions.

First time people face  the big problem about synthesized and now that problem is solved by the current version of our mobile mining which is v1.9.0.1

But in this version we have some minor  problem which developers can fix it in the next version so that everyone  can run this mobile mining app smoothly, the problem is during synced some time latest blocks are tend to stuck for a long time  while the block chain height is still on the move.

I think dev team can take a look on that and fix it so that even beginners can enjoy our mining and also POT and to know how its works as well.
can you pm me your bug report?   in telegram  iMorpheusTau
Week 4 - Week Ending 2019-6-23

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Re: imorpheus
I observed what you're saying and i agree that powersaving functionality is probably a big hurdle, while keeping balance with not draining battery life.

However the bug i'm reporting is something different.  I could reproduce it even while keeping the device active and app forefront (minus a quick hop to the settings page to change wifi or turn on/off vpn).
Keon, the wifi network problem is far complex, since mobile phone operates differently from PC. it constantly change and shutdown wife and cause data sync error. Screen sleeping also cause network idle. As a mining app, it is important to stay on active. we are doing several things to achieve that. it is kind of "tom and jerry" now to get good user experiences with network including we have to do many handshakes with network to keep network on.
The current version is stable in sync, although we are still enhance it.
Kriptolab, we have not planned 2nd tier solution. I think lightning network has proved it, it is not hard for us to add that. I think we will relay on 2nd tier to settle the speed issue, on the main settlement layer, security is still the key. ETH is about releasing POS in Jan, that will be a big thing for POT and POS world. we can get some good sanity check on how eth handles long range attack.
For data consumption, when it is stabled on sync, it only consume less then 5m, the first sync will cost 100m for now.
The dev will keep on enhance the wallet functions and IPFS integration.
It is my great hope that TAUwork will come to be strong when TAU tech is ready, stable and fully functional.

It is not abandoned by the way, it highly depends on the tech of of TAU itself, so I hope one day freelancers will receive payment via TAUcoin as the first currency to offer payment in crypto.
 I personally waiting for ipfs native integration and serve less wallet to come into real world application

Yeah i agree with you "great teqn" will take us far .
And i think we share hope about Tau ,Tau will reach a point to offer payment in crypto às for that it will have high value and high demand for people
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