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Trading / How to get forex signals from Ichimoku Cloud 9
« Last post by freeforex on February 20, 2019, 02:18:15 AM »
How to get forex signals from Ichimoku Cloud

The Ichimoku Cloud is a comprehensive indicator designed to produce clear trading signals. Chartists can first determine the trend by using the Cloud. Once the trend is established, appropriate forex trading signals can be determined using the price plot, Conversion Line, and Base Line. The classic signal is to look for the Conversion Line to cross the Base Line. While this forex signal can be effective, it can also be rare in a strong trend. More forex trading signals can be found by looking for price to cross the Base Line (or even the Conversion Line).
It is important to look for signals in the direction of the bigger trend. With the Cloud offering support in an uptrend, traders should also be on alert for bullish forex trading signals when prices approach the Cloud on a pullback or consolidation. Conversely, in a bigger downtrend, traders should be on alert for bearish signals when prices approach the Cloud on an oversold bounce or consolidation.
The Ichimoku Cloud can also be used in conjunction with other indicators. Traders can identify the trend using the Cloud and then use classic momentum oscillators to identify overbought or oversold conditions. Click here for a live example using the Ichimoku Cloud.
Trading / forex signals and expanding triangle elliott wave
« Last post by freeforex on February 18, 2019, 11:04:33 AM »
forex signals and expanding triangle elliott wave

gold Free forex signals live from the best accurate forex signals provider
SELL @ 1321
TP @ 1311
SL @ 1326
free forex trading signals today Description by text
GOLD XAU USD is preferred to sell on Gold market
trading type order is Market Execution
Take profit TP @ 1311
Place stop loss   SL @ 1326
analysis of Free forex trading signals
gold Trend : gold move in sideways trend during last week
expanding triangle elliott wave is the Price pattern recognized for free forex signals live today
gold price touched the lower line of expanding triangle  two times
and gold tested the upper line of expanding triangle twice before and now price test the upper line for third time that generate sell gold forex signals
the currently bullish wave is equal 1.38 Fibonacci EXPANSION of previous wave
Important resistance level today is 1326
small shooting star Candlestick pattern formed on hourly chart
Free forex signals trading Intuition indicates bearish Next wave and trading sell signals

free forex signals is Opportunity Trading alerts to trade on a currency pair or gold at Exact entry point , take profit and stop loss levels
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Sell TAUcoin / Sell TAU for ETH 0.00001/TAU
« Last post by sulekmcfc on February 05, 2019, 08:14:08 AM »
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Trading / Bollinger Bands guidelines
« Last post by freeforex on February 04, 2019, 06:02:05 PM »

Bollinger Bands guidelines
forex signals : W-Bottoms
W-Bottoms were part of Arthur Merrill's work that identified 16 patterns with a basic W shape. Bollinger uses these various W patterns with Bollinger Bands to identify W-Bottoms. A “W-Bottom” forms in a downtrend and involves two reaction lows. In particular, Bollinger looks for W-Bottoms where the second low is lower than the first but holds above the lower band. There are four steps to confirm a W-Bottom with Bollinger Bands. First, a reaction low forms. This low is usually, but not always, below the lower band. Second, there is a bounce towards the middle band. Third, there is a new price low in the security. This low holds above the lower band. The ability to hold above the lower band on the test shows less weakness on the last decline. Fourth, the pattern is confirmed with a strong move off the second low and a resistance break.

forex signals : M-Tops
M-Tops were also part of Arthur Merrill's work that identified 16 patterns with a basic M shape. Bollinger uses these various M patterns with Bollinger Bands to identify M-Tops. According to Bollinger, tops are usually more complicated and drawn out than bottoms. Double tops, head-and-shoulders patterns, and diamonds represent evolving tops.
In its most basic form, an M-Top is similar to a double top. However, the reaction highs are not always equal. The first high can be higher or lower than the second high. Bollinger suggests looking for signs of non-confirmation when a security is making new highs. This is basically the opposite of the W-Bottom. A non-confirmation occurs with three steps. First, a security creates a reaction high above the upper band. Second, there is a pullback towards the middle band. Third, prices move above the prior high but fail to reach the upper band. This is a warning sign. The inability of the second reaction high to reach the upper band shows waning momentum, which can foreshadow a trend reversal. Final confirmation comes with a support break or bearish indicator forex trading signals .

forex signals : Walking the Bands
Moves above or below the bands are not signals per se. As Bollinger puts it, moves that touch or exceed the bands are not forex trading signals , but rather “tags”. On the face of it, a move to the upper band shows strength, while a sharp move to the lower band shows weakness. Momentum oscillators work much the same way. Overbought is not necessarily bullish. It takes strength to reach overbought levels and overbought conditions can extend in a strong uptrend. Similarly, prices can “walk the band” with numerous touches during a strong uptrend. Think about it for a moment. The upper band is 2 standard deviations above the 20-period simple moving average. It takes a pretty strong price move to exceed this upper band. An upper band touch that occurs after a Bollinger Band confirmed W-Bottom would signal the start of an uptrend. Just as a strong uptrend produces numerous upper band tags, it is also common for prices to never reach the lower band during an uptrend. The 20-day SMA sometimes acts as support. In fact, dips below the 20-day SMA sometimes provide buying opportunities before the next tag of the upper band.
Bollinger Bands reflect direction with the 20-period SMA and volatility with the upper/lower bands. As such, they can be used to determine if prices are relatively high or low. According to Bollinger, the bands should contain 88-89% of price action, which makes a move outside the bands significant. Technically, prices are relatively high when above the upper band and relatively low when below the lower band. However, relatively high should not be regarded as bearish or as a sell forex signals . Likewise, relatively low should not be considered bullish or as a buy signal. Prices are high or low for a reason. As with other indicators, Bollinger Bands are not meant to be used as a stand-alone tool. Chartists should combine Bollinger Bands with basic trend analysis and other indicators for confirmation.

Trading / get forex trading signals by Horn Tops 12
« Last post by freeforex on January 31, 2019, 12:37:33 PM »
get forex trading signals by Horn Tops

Horn Tops
Appearance Two upward price spikes separated by a week on the weekly chart
Weekly chart, upward spikes
Use the weekly chart and locate two upward price spikes separated by a week. The two spikes should be longer than similar spikes
over the prior year and tower above the high of the center week. It
should look like a horn.
Clear visibility The horn highs should be well above the surrounding highs and the best performing reversals appear at the end of a long uptrend.
Confirmation The pattern becomes a valid horn top when price closes below the lowest low in the pattern. Do not trade forex signals without confirmation.
Measure rule
Subtract the lowest low from the highest high to get the pattern
height. Subtract the height from the lowest low to get the forex signals  target price.
Threat assessment
Look for an uptrend spanning many months. Such uptrends often show horns near the end of the trend. If the horn top
appears near the end of a long downtrend, then it is best to
avoid it. Watch out for horns appearing after a downward trend
when the trend changes and price starts moving higher. Prices
may decline but the decline is usually short-lived (as in the rise between a double bottom).
Low volume
The failure rate declines if below average volume appears on both spikes, in a bull market.
Trend change
A horn top usually signals an approaching trend change, usually in less than 2 months.

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Services / MOVED: I need twitter follower , will pay with TAU
« Last post by Admin on January 22, 2019, 06:29:31 AM »
Currency exchange / Re: TRADE
« Last post by Sonny on January 20, 2019, 02:43:53 PM »
I want to trade my 100,000 TAUcoins into 100,000 PUNDI X in binance or MEW. Any trader is welcome. :D Just send your reply on this one.

What is NPXS? Where can I get?
« Last post by hanief21 on January 20, 2019, 07:41:21 AM »
Can you buy now ?
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