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If the branchchain is open and DEFI will be the first dapp/branchchain from tauchain, will it be already possible for us to also start our chain? Will the team give us a tutorial or some know-hows in order to create such?

What is the update regarding web withdrawal in TAUT? Why is it going so long?

What is the reason for the IP restriction from new users? Some people cannot log in.

Will the block reward be changed again? so that many miners can mine something.

Can we suggest to create another group for DEFI contracts people and branchchain?

If transactions get expired, then that means that the fee being used is not what the network requries.
And the more expired transactions we have, the more the network is being controlled by these freaks using
HIGH amount of TAUs as fee. This is best described as CENTRALIZED network. As for the miners, it is obvious
that only these miners with top mining power and ability to make such tremendously high amount of TAU as fee
can afford to make transactions, to gather enough mining power, to mine the next block fees.
This to me is a classic definition of a MORE CENTRALIZED blockchain and mining. What do you think about these?
In order for TAU to be truly decentralized, (1)the majority should be able to make transactions as part of teh requirements to mine a block and (2)
majority of miners can also take part in receving block "rewards" ( in this case, block fees).

I believe that the team is going all out in its efforts to deliver a perfect mobile mining tech into the industry and it is without a doubt that they are new in the field they are treading. Concerning TAUT and TAU of the current state, why dont that team hire more devs into the team to bring more minds? Invest TAU to some young and talented developers so that development will be in haste. I believe that the more hands there are to do the work, the faster it could finish.

Also the mining app should have different pages for functions aside from the setting. And links should be provided there so that not all information is listed.

About "increasing power" button, can we also include there some top mining power addresses so we can chose which address we could send to.

And lastly, maybe we can also include our own referral link on the app like TAUT? It is so to avoid delayed transactions using the web wallet as genesis wallets.

If participation reward will be removed, what will comprise the new  mining economy?

Will the TAUT app wallet holders also convert their TAUT into taucoins? I believe there are more app wallet holders than web wallet holders due to the fact the the team advised transfers when the hacking incident occured. Or was it an inside job to reflect at the conversion?

Will branch chain be not implemented yet?

Has the Foundation's TAUT also been converted to TAUcoins? So does that mean that the Foundation will get 36% of TAUcoin instead of 18%?

How much TAU will the "Long Crypto" project cost for 1 eth to be "longed"?

Are we expecting an app update every week? Or at least every 2 weeks?

What is the definitive reason for the change in the divisibility of TAU from 8 decimal to only 2 decimal?

How can TAU chain support branchchain mining using only TAU app?

Where will the "genesis coins" of branch chains be withdrawn from? Is it like the tau, from web wallet?

What is the possibility of TAUchain being attacked by the top10 miners colluding with each other? and what countermeasures does the team have in place ready?

With 1M branch chains in the future, how will TAUCOIN acquire its value separate from each of these coins?

What is the current "listing requirement" the team has set for TAUCOIN to be listed in exchanges?

When will be the last "rearrangement" of TAU sign on bonus and referral bonus and how much will it be?

1. When was the first checkpoint ever created or will happen and who will initiate and validate it?

2. What causes the surge in memory usage of the mining app and how is the team correcting it?

3. What is the team's solution to the frequent stucked block of miners?

4. What is the role of social media in the security of the chain, there is any?

5. Will the doubled block size be implemented together with ipfs? If not, then when?

6. The memory pool is in constant increase of txs. Will the steps to eliminate it or at least lower it be gradual or a sudden one?

Thank you

The newly designed UI looks cool but doesnt really perform well accordingly and just showed more flaws then its functionality

Block confirmation takes more than. 10mins, probably 12-20mins under normal condition. Thinking there were no txs in pool, i checked. Surprisinhly, there were, at a range of 5200 to 6500 txs in pool while waiting for a 12-20min low block confirmation. Where is the 5min block confirmation we had delivered before? If it were to be doubled in months, it will just be 5mins or 7. Still too slow for the network. That is why congestion is normal. Yes, ipfs can solve this and yes, i cant wait for it. It's just that too many designs are just not good at all.

Also the percentage computation for the possibility of mining with the mining power generated, it simply doesnt help in mining at all. I mean, the main page could be free of this and make it more simple. It looks confusing to members. They could have a separate page for that and have the main page for the mining operation only.

One last thing, sending to the foundation address doesnt add "more" MP as it was said. Or maybe I heard it wrong. It was still 1:1 for every txs one had done. So either i click send or increase mining power, it's just the same

Congratulations to team and community. It is a pleasure to find such a good project.  And as I have understood it, it is a fully tech-oriented project, and community based.

Does the team have solid plans after ipfs completion?

With regards to ROI, i believe the project is pre funded by the founder. Is there a tangible and feasible explanatiom as to how the team or the Founder itself will generate income for this project? It may sound personal but i think a little transparency will be very meaningful.

I have a few suggestions to our mining app

1. Add an "up and down" button when increasing or decreasing fee
2. Make a notification to "save private keys" when resetting blockchainn data and generating new wallet.
3. Create a notification when our transactions are not sent or rolled back.
4. Set a limit of a number of transactions to be done in a minute
5. A notification set to inform whether a mining power is "too low", "low", "average", "high"
6. A password before opening the mining app, for more security
7. The probability of harvesting a block. A percentage is ok.
8. Number of total harvesters for that block fee

It has been a great day and I love seeing TAU community engange so much in contributing to the welfare.

Why is that every update, the app gets so lag that I can't even synch properly?

And I am here to have a few questions.

1. If the original TAU team has given control to the TAUT chairman the control over TAUT network and everything else,
Why then do they still have 18% of the total supply for team and development? Or is it given to the chairmen over time?

2. If you check the block harvesters, it mainly consist of top 20. Top 50 at most. How can mining be of value?

3. Spamming the chain with transactions is good for Proof of Transactions however creating millions of "fake" transactions in order to get mining power is just
the same as creating valueless transaction, not to get the fees , but the block reward in the bitcoin network. it seems that fake transactions are being allowed in PoW and PoT as well.

4. Can I also suggest to have a "button" to either increase or decrese the fees users want to use? I believe that would give more efficiency in using the fees.

5.Can you also give us a clearer explanation why the team has chosen ONLY "sending" transactions as means to get mining power and NOT receiving transactions or both. Why use only one?
Why not the latter?

6. How do you spot "fake" escrows in p2p groups just for some community members to manipulate the price?
Overall the mining app is in good shape, jus in favor of those in top 10.
mobile mining has yet to favor "everyone" who would want to mine.

Is escrow possible with TAU work? can we have a main net countdown on the website?

Can you make an accomplishment report about it? Like What is still on going? Already done? or
Have you added some features that are not listed in the article above caused by the main net delay?


100 for sign on bonus, New comers like me in this project can not afford TAU work, Imorpheous please lower the payment.
Make it 500 TAUcoin like what you did at promote your project/idea/link on TAUcoin Homepage.