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Day 2  prize has distributed to all contestants participated and the contest ower has phosphonate the contest.

Offer / MOVED: [Offer] Logo Graphics Design
« about: 4 months ago »

Design / MOVED: graphic designer
« about: 4 months ago »


Hello Everyone,

We will reward taucoin for:
- referral.
- karma.

One could exchange your karma and referral point. So, I suggest to provide karma to each other for good posts.

- only Jr member and above rank could provide the karma.
- Only active referred member will be counted for exchanging referrals.

Reward : 5 coin for referral and 5 coin for karma exchange.

Contest Time Over for day 2
Day 3 Contest will be announced soon

Contest Time Over for day 1

 Since the minimum requirements of 25 contestants have not achieved, the prize has distributed to all contestants participated.

This contest is requested by Cryptohope 

Contest duration: 20days.
Contest status: Verified
Contest payment status: Paid
Contest reward: 5000 TAUcoin daily

Contest brief:

- To join in this contest you must follow and fulfill all the requirements.
- Minimum 25 participants are required per day.
- Contest owner can close the contest any day if minimum requirement doesn't fill up.

1. Go to the page --> https://www.facebook.com/olgaamraie/
2. Like+Follow+Share+Comment in the facebook page.

Show Proof of participation:
Comment/reply in this thread according to the following format:
Code: [Select]
Your Facebook profile link:
link of the shared post/page:
Your Taucoin wallet address:

How to win: The post/page that you shared from the facebook page if get highest views will be the winner.

[Note: Only one reply/comment of per participants daily will be accepted. Any fraudulent activity will not be tolerated]

Contest / Guide to start or join in a contest!
« about: 4 months ago »
How to start a contest?

-To start a contest you must have to inform our Moderators/Admin or you can contact by contact page. So, those who don't know how to start a contest our moderators will help you to launch the contest after the confirmation with you. And then your contest will get a verified status by forum moderators.

- Those who want to launch a contest individually without informing will not get any verified status and also might be considered as spam.

- One can start a contest in 3 categories: 1.Daily

How to join?


- Anyone can join in a contest but multiple post or entry will not be tolerated and can be considered as spam. So, Only single entry or post will be accepted in a contest. After ending the contest our moderators will announce the winner and handover the price to you.

- You must follow the contest brief before entering in a contest.

Here you can go for contact---> https://taucointalk.org/index.php?action=contact


Donators / How to apply for being Donor?
« about: 4 months ago »
20% of forum revenue will be shared to our donor in proportion to their donation as a gift every after 1-2 month when the forum will start to generate revenue fully. If you want to become a Donor, you have to follow the following step:

You can be a donator by donating TAUcoin/BTC/ETH

Donate with TAUcoin:

1. You have to donate 10000 or 10000+  taucoin to this Taucoin address: TMnQA3WxcdQmMYadPgpxJWnNBDemwUwsSX

2. Post your Tx id/ Tau address here in this thread/board after transferring the tau coins.

3. And then make a donor group membership request from here---> https://taucointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;area=groupmembership

Donate with BTC/ETH:

1. You have to donate minimum 0.1 ETh or 0.0001 btc by clicking here https://commerce.coinbase.com/checkout/5fb5b13b-96bc-41ea-8b2b-035921de01fa

2. Post your Tx id/ wallet address here in this thread/board after transferring the tau coins.

3. And then make a donor group membership request from here---> https://taucointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;area=groupmembership

If still, you have a problem to understand, then go to contact page and write to me.


Forum ANN / Re: Moderators Responsibilities!
« about: 4 months ago »
I have made some changes in the forum. 

-I have reduced unnecessary local mods ( we will keep maximum 2 local mods in every local section)

[Note: in future when we will have more good active local mod in every local section, Global mod can't be a local mod anymore but the local section will have only 2 local mod then]

 I want all global mod please take care of your local moderator. It's your responsibility. Train and guide them, also develop your local section with them.

- I have assigned our global mods in various forum section based on their interest, experience, contribution and expertise. Almost every global mods have responsibility for 3-4 sections in the forum. I hope you will like it and take the responsibility.
At least 1 hour a day in total is enough to check the forum activities.

[ please note your section name by own]


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