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TAUcoin Discussion / Re: TAU Wallet discussion?
« Last post by imorpheus about 6 months ago »
dev does not have private key on android wallet
TAUcoin Discussion / Re: Coin TAU Mining!
« Last post by imorpheus about 6 months ago »
Yes, mining tau on android app is our next product.
TAUcoin Discussion / Coin TAU Mining!
« Last post by Almasani about 6 months ago »
TAU Mining.

Maybe this can be input for us TAU coin holders. We recommend that you can mine TAU coins directly on the Android application. This will be different from other coins in general. I think this method will increase the number of coin users. Now, when fans have increased, of course the price of TAU coins is also a consideration of investors.
TAUcoin Discussion / Re: TAU Wallet discussion?
« Last post by Almasani about 6 months ago »
Waiting spirit is the key to success so let's wait

Yes. waiting is the key to success. Happy waiting, hopefully not boring.
TAUcoin Discussion / Re: TAU Wallet discussion?
« Last post by Almasani about 6 months ago »
Yes sending function is in dev

Does dev have our private key, so the sending function is in dev.
TAUcoin Discussion / what taucoin?
« Last post by Naruto uzumay about 7 months ago »
What is proof of transaction?

Proof of Transaction is an experimental consensus model on cluster technology development blocks. The main scheme is that the more people make transactions, the more secure the network is at optimal speed.

This is very different from POWs on resource use, and from the POS on profits in stockpiling wealth. Proof of Transaction allows you to run a harvest club, which is similar to a mining pool that allows participants to gather together to receive a transaction block prize. Other important technologies such as graph signals, "cable to clubs" and automatic block sizes all contribute to system integrity. why should I join TAU? TAU proposes a currency that is fast, fair and safe without inflation.

Users, forming mining clubs, grow and secure networks by carrying out general behavior - transactions. With "Proof-of-Transaction" technology innovation, mining clubs with a history of transactions are burdened with making blocks and rewarding users.

There is no advantage to centralizing wealth and hardware such as POS and POW. A low obstacle to coins and club voting is the implementation of TAU from justice. When there is more transaction volume, TAU aims for higher speeds and lower total costs. TAU envisions a pure cellular mining network. As for the features of TAU coin Taucoin Feature:

1. arrow_right Proof-Of-Transaction: - the more transactions, the more prizes

2. arrow_right Automatic Harvest Club Participation: - no work or knowledge needed in joining a harvest club

3. arrow_right Harvest instant harvest prizes through "club wiring"

4. arrow_right Near Zero Cost Transaction Fees: - most transaction fees are returned throughout the year.

5. arrow_right One year to collect weight: - to prevent spam and speculation

6. arrow_right Safe environmentally friendly consensus mechanism

7. arrow_right Built 100% of our team (not a coin fork)

8. arrow_right The development process is driven by a pure focus on technology first

9. arrow_right First cryptocurrency to focus on coin circulation speed

10. arrow_right The first cryptocurrency does not provide an advantage for hoarding

11. arrow_right First cryptocurrency to have transactions for almost zero costs for ever. for more information you can see the page at

web: https://www.taucoin.io

discord: https://discord.gg/ydhx3um

medium: https://medium.com/@taucoin

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taublockchain/

telegram china: http://t.me/TAUcoin_China
great share - always informative to read more from the visionary imorpheus
TAU Articles / Simple TAU mobile mining node function
« Last post by Crypotohope about 7 months ago »
<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">I just published Simple TAU mobile mining node functions https://t.co/1QIFYwDDCg</p>&mdash; David Wu (@dw_davidwu) November 3, 2018
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Is because the prize of tau coin is very less and has prospect in future like bitcoin
Agree, having the nutcracker confidence on your own product seems favorable than renting on ethereum apartment itself.
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