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Author Topic: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months  (Read 8895 times)

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2. There should be a limit on how many tx one address can send to his own address.

I don't support you here friend i think it shouldn't matter what a person send in his/her own adress we all look forwad to gain more mining power and it comes to a time that we someone do transation with another person that friend can send him less coin than he sent to him wich cause more lose to a person so its best to send to your own adress and lose coin olny those of tx fee


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Re: "Proof of Transaction" consensus debate - 10 million TAU 12 months
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Priority to mining history is what we need at this point. Although mining Income is enough, a detailed credit, debit history is necessary.

And when we send from our wallet to our wallet  itself, why only debit is shown? Why not credit?
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This is very true when send coin to your own adress olny debit is shown not credit why that..? As it give hard time for someone to know if coin have beed receved in his/her wallet

I suggest that both debit and credit should be shown  in transaction list when send coin to your own adress

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But my suggestion is at the future is better to have only one coin which will become the most important crypto coin, i think Taucoin it explain its self.

That means TauT which born during the  Taucoin Testnet  to be cancel at all and all people to hold only one coin Taucoin.

How this can be, dev have an idea at 1 Jan 2020 people can be able to convert TauT to Taucoin at this  ratio of 1:1.

If all people do that there we can see all people are hold Taucoin and that can make us to have only one coin at the future.

But i know this is not fast process can take time but can be done slowly at the end all will have one coin in our hand.
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We are all waiting for jan 2020 as  member who hold Taut and Tau will convert Taut to Tau at a ratio of 1:1  and will remain with TAUcoin for mobile mining .

I advise the managment to also creat some security in Tau wallet app as an app if possible so as to provide more safe to Tau holders .

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We are all waiting for jan 2020 as  member who hold Taut and Tau will convert Taut to Tau at a ratio of 1:1  and will remain with TAUcoin for mobile mining .

I advise the managment to also creat some security in Tau wallet app as an app if possible so as to provide more safe to Tau holders .

I think Tau's wallet is now safe.

what developers need to develop is how to make Taucoin wallets faster
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TAU mining is fair, but players are unfair and play rough

May i know ,
How late comers can mine?

Already we have less miners.

People on the top are hungry for more.

The one's down the list are suffering.

They are forced to quit without proper rewards

I don't see any point in mining the last 1000 blocks. I made that 33% transaction charge back. That's only what i made.

By income I'm 93rd

By Balance I'm 96th

By power I'm 59th

I'm not earning anything extra. Is TAU designed to reward top 20 miners only.

If we're following the same i can hold on to my TAU , if we have equal mining opportunity, then i can spend my 250k coins on mining power.

Look at my case

I had 260k TAU

I started mining.

I started spending on mining power

I have 185 mining power

Balance is 251k

5086 mined income

I haven't mined one block yet

The one i mined was rolled back.

Participation i get that's Only when i send a transaction. Otherwise i don't mine or participate in anything.

That's the 33%

Other than that i don't make anything

Past 2 days i haven't switched off mining

I haven't earned a penny other than 33% transaction charges

PS : I'm a long term supporter of TAU.  No matter what, I'll hold on to it. These aren't negative feedback. I'm informing what's happening down the tail. After all it's a community coin. Just using Freedom of expression. :)

Hopefully the mining inequality will be addressed. If at all it's a problem to start with.

Kudos to POT.
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I have a suggestion what if the development team to open some Explorer APIs like in the TAUT block explorer
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Thanks for very kind input. Due to the bandwidth, we decided to focus on technology development only. What we are doing is an experiment on proof of transaction over mobile mining. Most of blockchain today does not have transactions. We have a lot of transactions on chain, which will show that is an effective mining and transfer market. As for TAUT, i will just leave it as is to the fans that i am sure who collects taut and build things over taut will get tremendous reward when tau mobile mining success.
The reducing of miner is because of our software bug. we are refining that. I believe we are the only project in the world doing mobile mining. This is good enough for marketing and referral information. I would like to see non-believers of mobile mining leaving the game so that our bandwidth is better spent on believers.
If you do believe "mobile mining" will be the main mining form in the future and tau is the only one, the answer of holding tau is very clear.
For some mining history statement and speed upgrade suggestions, that is very valuable, we will upgrade that along the way. but now the sync speed and ipfs is priority.
For tx spammers, i do not think they are bad, they are paying cost of those actions, and maintaining a effective fee of transaction, which is better. it is always hard for blockchain project to decide tx fee. Market is the best way to rely on.
For next week, we hope to get sync problem really solved.
In terms of bounty and airdrop, we will do that once technology is really there. I believe technology will speak for itself such as bitcoin. All of our precious resources shall be focusing on enhancing technology rather than pricing and advertising. For those projects without technology support, all the money spent will be wasted because people will find out and leave it anyway just like ETN, they never mention mobile mining any more, isn't that telling us anything? all the marketing and ads ETN spent on mobile mining is gone because no technology...
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I've been trying to figure out why the app (android) sometimes stops syncing and refuses to restart syncing.  I can now replicate the following issue :
1. Stop mining, power down app, close app from tasklist & reboot device.
2. Start app, start mining & wait for it to fully sync.

3. Get different WAN IP (switch wifi router, turn on VPN, etc).
4. As soon as a new blockchain height is reached, watch it FAIL to sync.

5. Go back to original WAN IP.  (No need for stopping / rebooting.)
6. It starts to sync again automatically.

Being mobile devices, changing networks is quite common.  I think the app must be made able to handle this.
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I think if a mobile mining application takes up maximum resources when synchronizing maybe it will speed up the synchronization time
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