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TAUwork is offering escrow service to buy/sell TAU coin. It is a safe way to buy taucoin or sell your taucoin. So, you don't have to worry about scammer anymore and no need kyc also. For helping TAUwork service offerer/requester we have arranged this escrow service.

To buy/sell Taucoin you need to read and follow the procedure:

#If you are a seller, make a post/reply in this thread according to the following format.
Code: [Select]

  -currency want to sell/escrow:

  -The amount:
  -The rate in usd:

#If you are a buyer of taucoin, make a post/reply in this thread according to the following format.
Code: [Select]

  -currency want to buy/escrow:

  -The amount:
  -The rate in usd:

#if both of you agree to buy/sell and want to use the escrow, follow the next step given below:

    - Fill up the form to make payment---> Click Here

- Within 15-30 munites your escrow will be completed.

- Both of you can cancel your escrow anytime but there will be a cancellation fee.

- I will accept the escrow request on a case by case base, I can reject if the conditions of release are too complicated.

- I charge between 0.1% to 1% of the sum that i need to escrow based on the amount.

- If you have any problem to understand PM me directly or use chat.

- You can write any problem or negotiate for the rate here in this thread by doing a post before buying/selling taucoin.

- Here you could track your transaction history after completing any transactions->>
  • Transaction History

- At last, if possible give feedback below.


Disclaimer: We will not be responsible for anyone who uses our services for dollar trafficking, terrorist activities or others crimes. You are responsible for any misuse of the Site and/or Services even if it is by another person or entity using your access to the Site and/or Services.
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  -[Seller]Username: Crypotohope

  -currency want to sell/escrow: taucoin

  -The amount: 15000
  -The rate in usd: 0.006

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Seller]Username: Orko500527

  -currency want to sell/escrow: taucoin

  -The amount: 10000
  -The rate in usd: 0.02
Telegram id-@Orko11

Md Forkan

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  -[Buyer]Username: Md Forkan

  -currency want to buy/escrow: TAU

  -The amount: 100000
  -The rate in usd: 1 tau= 0.00005 usd

Pm me if anyone want to sell.

Offline Dima


[Seller]Username: Dima

  -currency want to sell/escrow: taucoin

  -The amount: 10000
  -The rate in usd: 0.005

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