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Love the discussion, the idea is in forming. Letís start simple, then evolve. According to picture, tau planet is composed of states. Many new wallet users daily from taucoin.io will land on certain state. They need to associate to players or future mining leaders. Each state is shared owned by many players, this is different from traditional single ownership.
Current players roll the dice and land in certain state to receive new wallet users association relationship. You can pay for play up to three times each day. You invest into the state by visiting more often. 
Idea is still in forming. Please discuss.

Can we take this, as the players battle for their dominance and recognition in owning the mining power in their various state, their victory qualifies them for the grand finale. As the contest come to an end, each fallen contender evaluates the victor if there be any irregularities with the supervision of umpires designated for the tournament this could include rating, analysis, comments and review to ascertain the genuinity of the the winner pending the result if any abnormality, the contest declared void and the winner disqualified. A fresh contest begins and whom ever is ready clicks the digit to join again in the contest
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cara miningnya gimana