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Author Topic: [Latest Medium Update]Tech notes on design TAU block structure  (Read 99 times)

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[Latest Medium Update]Tech notes on design TAU block structure
« about: December 24, 2018, 12:34:12 PM »
Based on consensus and cryptographic knowledge accumulation from bitcoin, ethereum and NXT, we designed the TAU block and transaction structure. TAU wants to achieve:

1. Fast communication in mobile environment to reduce the fork probability caused by global network latency.
2. Small full ledger size to allow mobile device to download entire blockchain faster for decentralizing purpose.
3. Generation hash on consecutive public keys to form transparent mining sequence to increase detection on secret chain which is used by 51% attack.
4. Each block contains 50 transactions on average 5 minutes time interval; checkpoint on every 144 blocks.


Blockheader: 1–3; the block header is to allow mobile nodes to find out which chain has the highest accumulative difficulty. Using timestamp and public key in block header is sufficient to compute each block target base and difficulty number. Header is small of 57 bytes, full day’s header info is 16.4Kbyte. With this small data set, it is efficient for nodes to find higest difficulty chain globally to avoid forks. We removed merkle root on purpose, because our block size is only 5K.

1. Timestamp: 32 bits
2. PreviousHeaderHash: 160 bits; use SHA256, RIPEMD 160
3. GeneratorPublicKey: 264 bits; compressed public key in ECDSA.
4. Block signature: 512 bits; to ensure the integrity of the block without supporting public key recovery.
5. Version: 8bits
6. Option: 8bits; this is left for future use.
7. Transactions stack

“Hit” number is the first 8 bytes of hash(previous block generator public key 64 bytes+ current generator public key 64 bytes ); with this network random number, TAU network can decide who is the current winning minner and predict the future mining sequence up to detect secret chain.

The block common area is total 984 bits, 123 bytes.

Transaction: only support transaction from one address to another address.

1. Version: 8 bits; keeping version is for upgrade to define the transition grace peroid.
2. Timestamp: 32 bits; unconfirmed transaction will expire in 12 hours, that is about 144 blocks. TAU, every 144 blocks, will lock an checkpoint; therefore when a transaction expires, 2 check points are needed to confirm the expiry. User can resend transaction on 2nd day once expired.
3. To Addess: 160 bits, this is SHA256-ripemd 160 on a public key recovered from the transaction signature.
4. AmountTAU: 40 bits
5. FeeTAU: 16 bits
6. Transaction signature: 520 bits

Every transaction is total 776 bits, 97 bytes.

You can see detail here: https://medium.com/@davidwu_30530/notes-on-design-tau-block-structure-775110ea7008


[Latest Medium Update]Tech notes on design TAU block structure
« about: December 24, 2018, 12:34:12 PM »



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